Mozambique Outreach – March 2014

It is a privilege for Doctors for Life to report back on a very blessed medical outreach to Mozambique at the end of March, 2014. Not only were we able to perform ±92 cataract operations in the hospital at Inhambane (the Capital of the Inhambane Province in Mozambique), but we were also accompanied by two medical doctors, and were able to assist many patients at the Zavora clinic with general medical problems.

Apart from the medical assistance, we were also able to share God’s word with the local people. We had two services per day for five days and we served lunch to the people who attended. God worked in a wonderful way and many lives were touched. The first service was attended by forty people on Monday, and by Friday a total of ninety people were attending. We are thankful for the many blessings experienced during that week.

Doctors For Life – Medical aid to the remotest parts of Africa – Rivungu

LifePlace Team

“The sex industry lifestyle was getting worse and worse for me and I felt like I had no where to turn”-Shelley Lubben

“The sex industry lifestyle was getting worse and worse for me and I felt like I had no where to turn”-Shelley Lubben

Firstly we would like to thank everybody who has supported the LifePlace project in any way. As many of you may know, LifePlace in Durban has closed due to a conglomeration of various factors. In spite of this, the outreach team is still steaming ahead with weekly outreaches to reach out to the girls on the street, and on average, we speak to about 30 girls per outreach. They have many different problems, ranging from homelessness and drug addiction, to being HIV positive, pregnant as well as being physically and emotionally broken through abuse. Many of them say that they are like zombies being dragged along by their addictions, but that they cannot help themselves. They also say that even though they know what they are doing is wrong, they don’t know how to get out and live a different life. There are many instances where we have been able to help the girls in different ways. Some have started working and are off the streets, others have had their relationships with their families restored, while some have even been rescued from death itself. There is much work to be done but there are just a few labourers. The  team that often goes out has a passion and a heart for the lost, and we are very thankful for all the effort they put into the work.


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