Aid to Africa Medical Outreaches

Outreach Malawi July 2014

Scanning patients

During July 2014 Doctors for Life had the opportunity to go to Malawi for a very successful and blessed outreach. We were able to do 129 cataract operations and an total of 562 glasses were handed out, as well as 62 protective sunglasses to patients after cataract operations were performed.

Many wonderful testimonies were received by the patients. The joy they expressed for being able to see again after being blind for so long, is evident in the following testimonies:

“I am so thankful to God and Doctors for Life to make me see again. I will be able to do all my domestic chores on my own now.” – Ellena Nankani

“I am very, very happy and smile all day. I will now be able to cook for myself and do whatever I could not do for a long time now. Many thanks to God and Doctors for Life for visiting this area and to bring back my sight.” – Alisinet Likhomo

“I am very happy. I was not able to tend to my garden anymore myself. Now that I am able to see again I will be able to do that. I thank God and Doctors for Life for healing me.” – Kenson Gwetsani

“I am so happy to be able to read again. Now I can read my Bible and learn more about God. Thank you very much to God and Doctors for Live for coming to us and helping us.” – Chola Nchome

“I dropped out of school many years ago because of bad eyesight. Now that I have received these glasses and can see well again. I want to go back to school and finish my education.” – Mary Chidi (72 years old)

After the operation

After the operation

Eye patches removed

Eye patches removed



Mozambique Outreach – March 2014

It is a privilege for Doctors for Life to report back on a very blessed medical outreach to Mozambique at the end of March, 2014. Not only were we able to perform ±92 cataract operations in the hospital at Inhambane (the Capital of the Inhambane Province in Mozambique), but we were also accompanied by two medical doctors, and were able to assist many patients at the Zavora clinic with general medical problems.

Malawi outreach – update

Dieter Bohmer sharing the broad and narrow way

Dieter Bohmer sharing the broad and narrow way

Dieter Bohmer sharing the broad and narrow way

Dieter Bohmer sharing the broad and narrow way


A patient is interviewed

George Ocehse sharing the Gospel

George Ocehse sharing the Gospel

People gathering for the film Friday Evening

People gathering for the film Friday Evening

Youth of St Andrew Anglican Church

Youth of St Andrew Anglican Church

By late Saturday, 30 June we arrived at St Andrews Hospital, Malawi Midlands.

During 28 and 29 we had many cataract operations and outreaches during the afternoon, and closed the day showing Christian Films. One of the patients we helped was the founder of Neighbour Mission. His photo is attached. On Friday afternoon we visited the area where we showed the film about a young African Muslim that converts to Christianity through various dreams (from the series More than Dreams). Uncle George had an impromptu service close to the Church which we were visiting. The Lord was very gracious and many came for counseling after the film. In Salima there are many Muslims.

The film also touched many and a few gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. The Lord is very gracious. Early on Saturday, we realized we were robbed during the night. The thieves stole a few items such as a laptop from the Neighbor Mission, one mobile phone, etc. The worst for us was Dr Jac Potgieter. They took a bag with all his documents, money, Passport etc. He had to fly on Sunday so we contacted our Head Office and Johan obtained the number of the RSA consulate in Lilongwe. The lady told Johan that they could only help on Monday. Jac contacted the lady from Malawi and after prayer and a Police visit to our camp site she promised us that he would be issued with traveling documents. The thieves also took sister Kitty Ghampsi’s hand bag but dropped her passport not far from the camp. What can we say? A few trials but many blessings! Can we experience the Lord’s special grace without trials? We appreciate our prayer partners so much. Please let uncle Waldemar and others know about the Lord’s faithfulness.

This morning we were invited to take the service at the local St Andrew Anglican Church which was very well attended. The team was also introduced to the congregation.

Our dentist, Dr Ferreira and his wife Gisela took Jac to the airport (the consulate even organized a place for Jac to sleep). Now, on Sunday afternoon they picked up the rest of the team that flew from London and RSA. Herman started operating this afternoon.

Please keep praying that the Lord in his grace will conquer the darkness with His precious Light.

Mario Rocha

Malawi outreach – update

Young-people-helping-with-testing-eyesSick-childMario-and-Muslim-that-speaks-ZuluImprompt-Service-Boabab-where-we-showed-Jesus-at-nightChildren-following-the-bakkieKankhonde-RonagueJames-Bandawe-local-Christian-ChurchBakali-NkariAmossi-Chisi1From the DFL Malawi medical team
“Today we removed the eye covers of those who had operations. There was much joy and Mr Mario Rocha interviewed some of the patients. A little later in the morning Mr Rocha (representing DFL) was interviewed at a local government office. The message was broadcast 4 times yesterday and today, and twice on Friday. We are considering working till midday on Saturday and then moving to our next destination.”

Malawi outreach – update

IMG_1962IMG_1968IMG_19901IMG_1980IMG_1977-1IMG_1974Day 2:
The DFL medical support team departed from Pretoria at about 7:00 pm on Thursday evening. They arrived at the Zimbabwe border at about 2:00 am in the morning. Although, according to the border officials, two of the vehicle’s documents were not in order, they were finally allowed to proceed to Harare. They were stopped at various road blocks and because the police found fault with the vehicles, some small fines had to be paid.
Mario Rocha – volunteer

After an interesting drive through Harare the team arrived at the Highlands Presbyterian Church by 6:00 pm on 22 June. They basically drove for 24 hours and some of the drivers did not sleep at all.
After a light meal in the evening, everybody retired early to get some rest. The next day they left for the Malawi border. The goal was to arrive at Salima, Malawi, that the same day.

Day 3
“Driving through Malawi was an experience, especially at night. We had a few narrow escapes and it was obvious that the Lord kept us. At one stage we were behind a big truck and there was a stationary truck on the other side of the road. Suddenly another huge truck came from the opposite direction and probably did not realise that the other truck was not moving.
The second truck came with a terrible speed and moved over to our lane to avoid a collision with the stationary truck. In the process it missed us by centimetres. In fact we could not understand how the truck could have missed us. There were these three huge trucks and us right in the middle of them on this narrow road. Oom Volkmar had to swerve quite a bit to avoid colliding with the oncoming truck. It was grace that we did not leave the road or even roll the truck.”

The team arrived about 23h00 at Salima where they are staying at a neighbouring mission in tents. The people there really put in a lot of effort to prepare for the medical team’s arrival and the outreach. The team were all very tired after two days of continuous driving. After pitching their tents etc, they went to sleep after midnight.

Day 4
On Sunday Pieter Bos left for the airport to fetch Dr Jacques Potgieter, Nick Ashton (MESF) and his colleagues Paul and Daisy. Unfortunately some of their luggage containing medicines did not arrive with them.

The team tried to arrange a meeting with the officials today but it was not possible. They were going to meet them on Monday morning at 8am to plan the work. Eye surgery has however been delayed and would have only started on Monday night

Outreach to Zambia – Field Update

IMG_6148The 1st outreach in Western Zambia, Kalobolelwa has come to an end. In total we prescribed 75 eye glasses, saw 112 dental patients, did 440 GP treatments, saw about a 100 other eye patients, 32 surgeries. Pathology in this area was incredible: gangrene, leprosy, broken leg, many malaria cases, HIV, 6 fingers on 1 hand, accidents, trachoma, cancers, weird growths etc. On our way to next area Sinjimbela on the border of Angola. Its even more remote.

Doctors For Life Outreach to Zambia

Two weeks from now we hope to be on our way! The apparently unavoidable last minute rush is starting as I am writing this. No matter how early you start, there will always be the last minute emergencies. Will we

Angola: Medical and eye surgery outreach to Cuito Cuanavale and Mavinga

The medical and eye surgery outreach to Cuito Cuanavale and Mavinga was probably one of the toughest ones DFL undertook thus far. The people in Mavinga are very isolated and the need for medical care is great. The approximately 200km

Zimbabwe: Cataract Ops Begin

By now you may already have heard about our eye surgery outreach to Harare, Zimbabwe. Cataract surgeries were the main focus, from a medical point of view. It was planned in collaboration with Celebration Health, the University of Zimbabwe College


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