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LIFEalerts 19 October 2015

  LIFEalerts 19 October 2015 Abortion USA – 11th New Video: Harvesting intact brains from aborted babies USA – Website to Find Alternatives to Planned Parenthood Alternative Medicine Korea – Research on positive effects of turmeric on diseased livers USA

LIFEalerts 16 September 2015

LIFEalerts 16 September 2015 Abortion USA – 2,030 Babies Saved After Three Abortion Clinics Close Down USA – 662 Babies Saved After Planned Parenthood Funding Cut USA – Protests planned at Planned Parenthood Clinics in 300 Cities Alternative Medicine South


  LIFEalerts 26 August 2015 Abortion USA – Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies without Patient Consent USA – Planned Parenthood on How to Break Law to Sell Aborted Babies Alternative Medicine Australia – Alternative menopause therapies not best choice Uganda

LIFEalerts 24 July 2015

LIFEalerts 24 July 2015 Abortion USA – Anti-abortion group says Planned Parenthood sells fetal organs Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Belgium – Life? I’m not really that into it any more!Netherlands – Dutch pediatricians back euthanasia for under-12’s USA

LIFEalerts 25 June 2015

LIFEalerts 25 June 2015 Abortion USA – More Than 100 Studies Show Abortion Link to Premature BirthsUSA – Abortions declining in nearly all US statesUSA – Missouri Legislature Boosts Funding for Abortion Alternatives Alternative Medicine USA – Smart bandages, bacteria-sensing

LIFEalerts 8 June 2015

LIFEalerts 08 June 2015 Abortion USA – House Passes Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks USA – Bill that would force abortion clinic to close or move passes Alternative Medicine Australia – Homeopathy is not an effective treatment, says study

LIFEalerts 21 May 2015

Abortion Israel – Jewish Pro-Life Group Saves 35,000 Babies From Abortion USA – Johns Hopkins reverses ban on detailed pro-life display USA – Colorado Passes Unborn Victims Bill After Baby Cut Out of Womb USA – Ohio Bill To Be

LIFEalerts 30 April 2015

Abortion USA – Louisiana Bill Will Ban Sex-Selection Abortions Alternative Medicine South Africa – Traditional healers in a fix over new law Euthanasia USA – Connecticut Defeats Legislation to Legalize Assisted Suicide HIV/AIDS No news today Homosexuality USA – Agencies

LIFEalerts 14 April 2015

LIFEalerts 14 April 2015   Abortion USA – Women in Arizona, Arkansas must be told abortion can be “reversed” Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Belgium – Many patients euthanized for psychiatric reasons HIV/AIDS No news today Homosexuality Canada –

LIFEalerts 18 march 2015

Abortion UK – Parliament Rejects Major Abortion Amendment USA – Study finds maternal health statistics best where abortion restricted UK – Research: Abortion increases risk of mental health problems Alternative Medicine UK – Once again experts find no evidence homeopathy

LIFEalerts 25 February 2015

Abortion No news today Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia France – Parliament begins debate on euthanasia UK – Lloyd-Webber: I wanted to join Dignitas and die Canada – Assisted-suicide ban lifted in Canada South Africa – 1 in 5

LIFE alerts 20 January 2015

Abortion USA – Learn the side effects, negative consequences of abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia USA – “Final Exit” leader stripped of medical license Scotland – Top pathologist against plans to legalise assisted deaths Belgium – Euthanasia of

LIFEalerts 03 December 2014

Abortion USA – Former abortionist appeals for support for traumatized workersChile – Restrictive abortion laws do not kill women Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia USA – Brittany Maynard dies in Oregon after assisted suicideGermany – German Parliament opposes assisted

LIFEalerts 21 October 2014

Abortion Ireland – Remember Savita Halappanavar? UN – Abortion rights in Africa USA – Abortion Clinics Don’t Have to Report Rapes of Teens El Salvador – Total abortion ban is lethal, says Amnesty Alternative Medicine South Africa – Mother stands

LIFEalerts 02 October 2014

Abortion USA – Wisconsin Abortions Drop 7% as 465 Babies Saved Form Abortions South  Africa – Illegal abortions and dodgy doctors Alternative Medicine South Africa – Killing of Children for “Muti Trading” is Not Declining Euthanasia South Africa – Anglican-Archbishops

LIFEalerts 09 September 2014

Abortion Poland – The doctor who refused to abortUSA – Abortion clinic quits fight to keep doing procedures Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia USA – Media ethics 101: How not to report suicideThe Netherlands – Is fear of nursing

LIFEalerts 18 August 2014

  Abortion USA – Texas abortions down 13% due to new law, study says Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Australia – Nitschke suspended from medical register Lithuania – Euthanasia could be option for poor, says health minister HIV/AIDS No

LIFEalerts 31 July 2014

LIFEalerts 31 July 2014 Abortion UK – Half of Down syndrome abortions missing from registerIreland – Baby Megan survived a miscarriage and an abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Scotland – Rights groups back right to die for childrenUK

LIFEalerts 27 June 2014

Abortion UK – Abortion doctors may consult via Skype Alternative Medicine South Africa – State to oppose alternative medicine court action Euthanasia Belgium – Five killed in Belgium Every Day as euthanasia soarsSwitzerland – Group to allow assisted dying for

LIFEalerts 28 May 2014

Abortion UK – Ireland women not entitled to free NHS abortions in EnglandUSA – Missouri lawmakers approve 72-hour waiting periodUSA – With New Bill, Abortion Limits Spread in South Alternative Medicine South Africa – Herbal remedies can be toxic: researcher Euthanasia UK – TV personalities

LIFEalerts 08 May 2014

Abortion USA – Bill requires mental health info before abortionUSA – Country’s strictest anti-abortion law signed in Mississippi USA – Dobson tears into Obama: ‘Come and get me’ USA – South Carolina 20 Week Abortion Ban Advances Alternative Medicine Australia – Homeopathy is no

LIFEalerts 10 April 2014

Abortion USA – Abortion insurance law taking effect in MichiganUSA – War on women when men force abortionUSA – Abortion restrictions pass 85-6 out of Louisiana House Alternative Medicine South Africa – Traditional Medicine Almost Kills Baby Euthanasia UK – Assisted suicide moves