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South Africa
Phone +27 (32) 4815550 or 1/2/3
Fax +27 (32) 4815554

Helpline + 27 (0) 78 879 7484 – Abortion
Helpline + 27 (0) 82 290 7855 – Abortion(Zulu)
Helpline + 27 (0) 82 407 3929 – Substance Abuse
Helpline + 27 (0) 79 046 4200 – Prostitution and Trafficking

Doctors for Life International – USA

Prof Pat McEwen
1014 Vista Oaks Circle
Palm Bay FL 32905
Cell 321 431 3962

Doctors for Life International – Netherlands

Stichting Kliniek Zavora Mozambique
Provincialeweg 5 9865 AA
Opende goedgekeurd door belastingdiens als ANBI
Hessel & Iety van der sluis
Email: info.kliniek.zavora@gmail

Doctors for Life International – Germany

DFL International
Sekretariat Deutschland
Postfach 30
D-73554 Mutlangen

Mobil: +49 (0) 1 57 85 23 20 04

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March for Life grows every year

On 2 October the annual “March for Life” took place in the vicinity of Gateway in Umhlanga, KZN. Each year the response of pro-lifers attending the National Alliance for Life organised march, grows substantially.

About 30 minutes before the march


John Kelly’s Testimony Opposing New Jersey Assisted Suicide Bill A2451

This article was published on the Not Dead Yet website on September 6, 2016.

[Editor’s Note: John Kelly lived in New Jersey in his younger years and traveled back there to testify on October 6, 2016 in opposition to the latest assisted


LIFEalerts 28 September 2016

Norway – Doctor fired for refusing to administer abortifacients

UK – Are abortions for cleft palate rising?

Poland – New Law Proposed to Ban All Abortions

Alternative Medicine
Australia – How Chinese medicine kills cancer cells

Netherlands –

The Malawi Team

Doctors For Life September 2016 Newsletter

Legal Corner
Your Rights and the Law
There is a conflict in the South African Bill of Rights between the rights of women to reproductive health care and to make decisions about their reproductive capacity, and freedom of conscience on


LIFEalerts 13 September 2016

USA – Abortions Drop to Record Low in North Dakota

UK – Marie Stopes suspends abortions in UK after safety inspections

USA – Abortions Drop 37% in Memphis

USA – Is Zika the cause of Microcephaly?

Alternative Medicine

Under Age Sex Slave

LIFEalerts 19 August 2016


USA – Texas drops all charges against Center for Medical Progress
USA – Planned Parenthood Closing Six Clinics
Mexico – State Votes to Ban Abortions and “Protect Life from Conception”
Ireland – High Court Rules an Unborn Baby Has

Normal Logo Lifealerts

LIFEalerts 01 August 2016

Ireland – Parliament Defeats Bill to Legalize Abortions on Disabled Babies

Russia – Government Signs Agreement with Church to Prevent Abortions

Alternative Medicine
No news today

UK – Media bias on assisted suicide

IVF& Surrogacy
No news today

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