The Abortion Law and Your Rights

The following interpretation of the law expresses the views of senior legal council to Doctors For Life International (DFL)

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Project LifeChild

Operation LifeChild provides care within the community to orphans and vulnerable children

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Membership for Doctors

Medical membership is available to medical doctors, specialists, dentists, veterinary surgeons, and professors

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Membership for Friends

Medical membership is available to medical doctors, specialists, dentists, veterinary surgeons, and professors

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Latest articles

A2A – Angola Outreach Nov 2018


We have done 26 surgeries up until now and 20 of these were cataracts. Many more were screened with other conditions like cancer, glaucoma, pterigiums and corneal scarring. It seems as if the eye patients are getting more and more every day. Television and radio stations have been broadcasting interviews with Mario Rocha and the … Read more

12 Myths about Assisted Suicide and Medical Aid In Dying


This article is written by Ronald W. Pies, MD and Annette Hanson, MD and was published by on July 7, 2018. Introduction In an age of “alternative facts”, it’s hard to sort out myth from reality when it comes to so-called ‘medical-aid-in-dying’ (MAID)—also called physician assisted suicide (PAS). By whatever label we attach to it, this … Read more

Mozambique Medical Outreach May 2018


Aid to Africa Mozambique Medical Outreach Update In total we did 67 cataract eye surgeries on the first 2 days of the outreach being May the 14th and 15th. Two ladies told me that they had lost hope of ever seeing again after they had become blind. But this morning their sight was restored. It … Read more

Angola Medical Outreaches


Photos from various medical outreaches to Angola by Doctors For Life

LIFEalerts: 11 May 2018


Abortion USA – Debating the pro-abortion argumentsUSA – Abortion is equivalent to murder Alternative Medicine [No news today] Euthanasia Netherlands – Suicide machine from ‘Dr. Death’ draws outrageBelgium – Research reveals trends in medical practice of euthanasia Belgium – How many people is Flemish doctors really euthanizing? IVF and Surrogacy China – Post-one-child-policy causes posthumous … Read more

Hawaii legalises assisted suicide

LIFEalerts: 20 April 2018


Abortion Ireland – Poll shows support for abortion is declining Argentina – Hundreds of thousands march to protest legalized abortion Alternative Medicine [No news today] Euthanasia USA – Battle for medical conscience rights of doctors’ USA – Not a single patient has used new controversial assisted suicide law USA – Hawaii legalizes assisted suicide IVF … Read more