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Dr Albu van Eeden (CEO)

“Over the centuries doctors have had the noble calling
to be the care takers of society.”

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Become a member of Doctors for Life

People holding on to each other

What is ” Members of Doctors For Life “?

Doctors For Life International’s (DFL) Medical membership is available to any medical doctors, specialists, dentists, veterinary surgeons, and professors of medicine who agree with the principles and goals of DFL.

Become a friends for Doctors for Life

People holding on to each other

What is ” Friends of Doctors For Life “?

Only medical doctors, dentists or other people in the medical profession may become members of Doctors For Life. Many people from all walks of life, however, expressed their desire to become involved.

“Friends of Doctors For Life” was established in July 2000, in support of Doctors For Life. Since DFL is involved in various life issues, it concerns you too.

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