DFL Helplines

Abortion Helpline I think I’m pregnant”, four little words that could mean the heights of joy or the depths of despair… If the latter is true then we’re here to offer you loving support and practical advice that will see you through your need and many times beyond. The aim of Eleventh Hour Care is to let you realize you are not alone. We have assisted many women through this scary time and have the experience to answer any of your questions. We actually hope you ask many questions because information will only help you prepare for your choices. An Eleventh Hour Counselor is waiting to assist you in your need. English: 081 441 6462 and 073 745 5740 Zulu: 072 314 3149 Email: [email protected]

Prostitution and Trafficking Helpline

If you are reading this and you are currently surviving as a sex worker, chances are you came to this site for help. We want to help you. There is a way out of this lifestyle for you. You may be scared and you may feel alone but we want to help you through this. Now is the time to act. You are risking your physical health as well as your emotional health. There 25 common sexually transmitted diseases not including HIV/AIDS. You may have already been exposed and may need medical assistance or maybe you are the fortunate few who are not infected yet. Women are more vulnerable than men to these diseases and the group most affected is teen 15 years old to 19 years old. For example, young women have lower levels of antibodies than older men. It is time to stop playing Russian roulette with your life. Please let us help you. Helpline +27 (0) 79 046 4200 Email: [email protected]]]>