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Sexual Exploitation

South Africa – Prostitution On Bended Knees

The continued movement restrictions that begun 2020 following the outbreak of Coronavirus has reportedly left the prostitution industry lying flat on its back. With curfew starting in the early evening until morning, johns are said to be thin on the ground. Before the pandemic, business was ‘booming’.  Now, however, it has trickled to a virtual standstill. “Clients hardly come by these days, but some do call us to spend a night at their house, of course at an extra fee,” one prostitute said.  A non-profit making organisation (Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) discovered that indeed many prostitutes across the region have been put out of business by movement restrictions necessitated by Covid-19. Doctors For Life welcomes the new developments. More

Canada – Is Canada constitutionally required to allow a commercial market for sex?

A constitutional mandate that Canada legally permit a commercial market for sex is something that is likely to concern many Canadians. Recent studies suggest Canadians support the current prostitution policy, including the criminal laws currently subject to constitutional challenge. A recent survey of 227 undergraduate students at the University of Winnipeg found that respondents overall disagreed that the purchase of sexual services should be legal. While a slight majority of males agreed that prostitution should be legalized (56.7 per cent), females disagreed (just 34.3 per cent felt it should be legal to buy sexual services). A study conducted by Nanos Research last summer found Canadians were five times as likely to support than oppose the current legislation. Debra M. Haak is a postdoctoral fellow and assistant professor in law at Queen’s University. More

New York – NYT exposé details Google’s complicity in online sexual exploitation

Amid ongoing scrutiny of Pornhub and its parent company Mindgeek, Google is coming under fire for helping direct people to content featuring the rape and sexual abuse of children published on websites like Pornhub and XVideos. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof has published his latest exposé explaining how XVideos, a rival of Pornhub, has also published illegally recorded content exposing minor girls on the internet. Our approach aims to protect children and victims while also ensuring we do not broadly limit access to legal content in our results.” Journalist Alexandra DeSanctis said that the time has come to reckon with the crimes of online porn. “Far from providing a form of harmless entertainment, the porn-production and -distribution industry is guilty of rampant abuse, violations of the law, systemic mistreatment of women, and abundant ties to the sex-trafficking industry. We are long overdue for a cultural reckoning with all of it,” she wrote. More

USA – How the Pandemic Drives the Rise in Human Trafficking

Human trafficking—the crime of forcing people into labor or sex acts—is an ongoing problem in the United States and around the world, and it’s getting worse. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a rise in such exploitation, while also cutting off support services for some victims. As for the pandemic’s impact, the economic crises caused by the pandemic have led to an increase in the crime in Texas. An estimated 40.3 million persons worldwide are victims of human trafficking, and one-fourth of them are children. The motivation, simply, is money. Human traffickers reap an estimated $150 billion per year in profits, about two-thirds of which is from commercial sexual exploitation. More