LIFEalerts – Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation

South Africa – Seven things everyone should know about Human Trafficking

Number one the problem is enormous. Victims are estimated 24.9 million.  Human Trafficking is not about movement.  The essence of Human Trafficking is coercion. Traffickers are motivated by money.  Anyone can be a trafficking victim.  Traffickers vary their tactics.  We need to put traffickers in jail not their victims.  There is hope traffickers can be stopped. The world is not powerless to stop traffickers. Using vetted specialized investigative units that receive peer-to-peer training from embedded experts, traffickers can be identified, arrested, prosecuted, and jailed.  This frees victims to recover without fear that their trafficker will return.  Caring for survivors without stopping traffickers only ensures that the trafficker will continue to create more victims who will need survivor care. Full Factsheet

LIFEalerts – Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse

USA – South Dakota voters said yes to legalizing marijuana. But a judge ruled it’s unconstitutional.

In November last year, 54% of South Dakota voters took to the polls in favour of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Judge Christina Klinger however, ruled against it and rejected the change arguing that violates the state Constitution on two grounds: It violates the single subject rule, meaning it encompassed more than one topic, and it conflicts with language in the Constitution that provides for its modification. Revisions to the constitution require a convention of state delegates before being placed on the ballot and cannot be done through the petition process, like initiated measures and amendments. “The failure to submit Amendment A through the proper constitutional process voids the amendment and it has no effect,” Klinger said.

Besides South Dakota, three other states — Arizona, New Jersey and Montana — voted in November to legalize recreational marijuana, while Mississippi legalized medical uses of the drug. In December, the House of Representatives voted to pass a bill that would decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, though it is unclear how the bill might fare in a split Senate. Oregon went a step further and decriminalized possession of hard drugs. More, Oregon.