LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


India – The largest number of child sexual abuse cases

Many children are lured in tempting offers and thrills without knowing the repercussions. According to Interpol, an estimated 2.4 million instances of online child sexual abuse were reported from India between 2017 to 2020. 80% of these children were girls under the age of 14. When it comes to child sexual abuse material, they are getting much more proactive in India. There are many entities that upload these videos that have started moving their hosting to other countries; these syndicates are using children as a tool to their business of paedophilia, porn and pornography. Sexual abuse harms children in a multiple ways including; difficulties with trust, social withdrawal, trouble in school, experience insecurities, low self-esteem, and lack of development. More

Israel – Millions Sleep Well at Night Due to Such Technologies

Politicians, rights activists and journalists were among those targeted with phone spyware sold to various governments by the Israeli firm, according to an international media consortium.  Amid the raging controversy over its surveillance software Pegasus, Israeli cybersecurity company NSO Group has defended itself by saying that millions of people around the world sleep well at night and walk in the streets safely due to such technologies available with intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Thanks to Pegasus and similar technologies which help intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies around the world to prevent and investigate crime, terrorism, and paedophilia rings that are hiding under the umbrella of end-to-End encryption apps,” a spokesperson for NSO said. More

LIFEalerts – Abortion


UK – Gender-based violence occur on unborn babies

According to a new study, published in the British Medical Journal, various countries have a skewed sex ratio at birth in favour of boys because of prenatal ‘sex selection’ and suggests that the world could lose 4.7 million girls by 2030, and as many as 22 million by 2100. The issue of gendercide warns that global population stability is at risk due to ‘cultural preferences’ for male children. Dr Fengqing Chao, lead author of the research and an advisor to the United Nations Population Division, warns that ‘Fewer than expected females in a population could result in elevated levels of antisocial behaviour and violence and may ultimately affect long-term stability and social sustainable development.’ More

USA – University Suspected of Harvesting organs from live aborted infants

Recent statements from the University of Pittsburgh indicate that one of its federally funded research projects uses organs that might have been extracted from live aborted infants. For David Daleiden and others, blood flow raises questions about cardiac activity, which in turn, raises questions about whether the fetus is alive. Dr Christina Francis, of the American Association of Pro-Life Gynecologists (AAPLOG), agreed with Daleiden. She said if the university statement says ischemia time starts after tissue collection, and that means that the baby is still alive at the time that they are harvesting the tissue. She likened the practices to those of the infamous Kermit Gosnell. “It’s horrific and does not constitute good science or compassionate medical care.” More

Russia – Physician launches Progesterone therapy for abortion regret

Russian physician Alexey Fokin started helping women reverse chemical abortion affects from mifepristone. In an email interview, Fokin explained how the calls coming in asking for help with reversal meant that this was not a rare situation among women, and since mifepristone is very affordable and easily available everywhere, women were prone to taking mifepristone very instantly, impulsively, and without strong decision. With the incoming calls for reversal, he says it meant that many more women experience wanting to turn back and save their babies. Dr Fokin launched a website in 2018 and was surprised at the amount of visitors to his website which translated the progesterone therapy into Russian, and then reached 20,000-30,000 views. He now offers this therapy for such women in Russia. More

Scotland – Mistaken pregnancy termination case before High Court

The High Court has approved a hearing of an action by a couple who claim their unborn child was aborted after they were wrongly told it had a fatal foetal abnormality. They have, in separate proceedings, taken actions for damages against Dublin private clinic, Merrion Fetal Health, five of its medical consultants and the National Maternity Hospital (NMH), to which the clinic is affiliated. Scotland’s Greater Glasgow Health Board has also joined as a defendant because its laboratory allegedly carried out some of the testing at the centre of the claims. The woman claims she had a scan at 12 weeks of her pregnancy on February 21st, 2019 which showed everything was normal. A week later, she got a phone call from one of the defendant consultants and was told that a DNA test, the Harmony Test, showed positive for a syndrome known as Trisomy 18 which results in abnormalities in babies.

A further scan was carried out and it was normal but the woman was then advised to undergo a test on the placenta known as Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) which was sent to the Glasgow laboratory. She claims her consultant advised the pregnancy was non-viable and there was no point in waiting for a full analysis of the results. This is known as the Karyotype test which examines all the chromosomes inside cells for anything unusual. She says she relied totally on this advice and the termination was carried out on March 14th 2019 in the clinic. Subsequently, she claims, the full Karyotype analysis was provided to her and, she says, showed her unborn child did not have Trisomy 18 and was a normal healthy baby boy. More

USA – Pro-abortion medical organisation should update claims on fetal pain

A researcher is calling on the pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to update its information concerning fetal pain to bring it in line with current research. ACOG currently relies on outdated research to claim that preborn children are incapable of feeling pain until “at least 24 weeks” (6 months). John Bockmann was working on his master’s thesis for a military physician’s assistant (PA) program, and decided to research fetal pain. This led him to British professor Stuart Derbyshire, an abortion supporter, whose work in a New York Times article seemed to contradict his earlier research on fetal pain. So, Bockmann reached out to Derbyshire as a friend instead of with anger or hostility, the two men were able to do important scientific research. While Derbyshire still supports legal abortion, he has since changed his mind on fetal pain. Their partnership led to the ground-breaking new research proving that preborn children can feel pain by 12 weeks (3 months). Researcher calls on ACOG to update, Study, About the Researcher.

LIFEalerts – Euthanasia


Canada – Mother seeks to expand euthanasia to her disabled 4-year-old son

A mother in Quebec seeks to expand euthanasia to enable her to euthanise her 4-year-old son which is severely disabled, is deaf, lives with severe intellectual disability, has daily intestinal problems, and has already come close to death several times. She said there was no possibility for her son’s quality of life to improve and invited two senators to her home of which one senator decided to champion the cause of child euthanasia. The current Canadian law permits euthanasia for people who are at least 18 years old and capable of consenting. For those who claim that legalizing euthanasia does not lead to a “slippery slope” think again. Michel Bureau President of the Commission on Life Care said, “This is what is dangerous; a slippage that only allows those who are beautiful and perfect to live,”

In January this year, United Nations Human Rights experts expressed alarm at a growing trend to enact legislation enabling access to euthanasia based largely on having a disability or disabling conditions, including in old age. The statement on their website condemned such legislation and said such legislation is grounded in ableist and stereotypical assumptions about the inherent ‘quality of life’ or ‘worth’ of the life of a person with a disability. The UN statement also recognised that such legislation normalises the act of euthanasia and condemned it. Mother-seeks-to-euthanise-4-year-old-son, Disability is not a reason to sanction medically assisted dying – UN experts.

Australia – Dissenting report opposes euthanasia

Dr Mark Robinson Member of Parliament (MP) in the Queensland Australia parliament wrote a dissenting report to the official parliamentary report on the proposed assisted dying bill. Dr Robinson’s report creates a strong basis for opposing assisted dying. Similar to another report on assisted suicide by Nick Goiran who wrote a report titled: License to Care not License to Kill opposing the legalization of euthanasia which was meticulously researched, documenting world-wide concerns with legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Dr Robinson’s dissenting report is 24 pages of strong arguments against euthanasia. He argues that physicians should not be involved in interventions whose primary intention is the ending of a person’s life, therefore acts of euthanasia are unethical. He emphasized that if proper end-of-life care and palliative care were available there would be no demand for euthanasia and points out that euthanasia has become an alternative to the lack of proper end-of-life care.

What is initially proposed as a measure to help a very small number of people, said to be in intolerable physical pain, is progressively broadened to apply to thousands of people, including those with no physical medical condition. Initial procedural safeguards are also relaxed. Once you lift the lid on Pandora’s box, there’s no going back.
Many vulnerable people experience subtle pressure to take their own life – some are made to feel almost duty bound to their family or to society to end their life prematurely. When elder abuse is combined with legalised access to euthanasia, it inevitably leaves the most vulnerable at risk of being coerced into ending their lives. Wrongful deaths have followed these laws everywhere they are introduced. Article (See both reports &/or download them below)

LIFEalerts – LGBTQ+ Issues

LGBTQ+ Issues

USA – Court rules mandatory pronouns overreach

A California appellate court upended SB 219, which in part forced nursing home workers to use preferred transgender pronouns and names for patients. The pronoun provision, the court said, is a “content-based restriction of speech that does not survive strict scrutiny” and “burdens speech more than is required.” “The pronoun provision at issue here tests the limits of the government’s authority to restrict pure speech that, while potentially offensive or harassing to the listener, does not necessarily create a hostile environment.” Refusing to use preferred transgender pronouns “may be disrespectful, discourteous, and insulting,” said Judge Duarte, but it allows others “to express an ideological disagreement with another person’s expressed gender identity.” More

USA – Medical group Rebuked for removal of birth certificate sex markers

“Due to genetics, males are different from females at the cellular level from fertilization. Biological sex differences due to genetics and sex hormones affect the tendency to develop certain diseases, change responses to drugs, toxins and pain, and also cause important physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural differences between the two sexes.” Explained Dr Michael Artigues, of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) in a statement. This responds to the recent resolution made by the American Medical Association (AMA) after its board of trustees called for the removal of biological sex markers from birth certificates. They reason that marking an infant’s gender at birth could impede a later decision to identify with another gender. In other words, to remove sex markers on birth certificates could lead to problems for such individuals, confusion, and even more issues.

In August 2020, a transgender man – biological woman – as brought to the emergency department reporting to have lower abdominal pain and high blood pressure. The nurse noted Sam was a man (even the medical records stated Sam is male) and evaluated the situation as being an obese man who forgot to take blood pressure tablets. Several hours later it turns out that, the transgender man was actually a pregnant woman in reality and unfortunately gave birth to a stillborn. When physicians disagree with transgender ideology, it’s not that they’re being hateful or oppressive, but instead they are thinking of the complications that could impact the life of such an individual and what it could mean going forward. This is a sad price to pay due to unnecessary caused confusion. Article, A 32-Year-Old Man with Abdominal Pain.

Texas – Declares sex reassignment surgeries on minors child abuse

The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has recently declared that performing sex reassignment surgeries on minors with gender dysphoria constitutes child abuse. In a letter the department asserted that, “genital mutilation of a child through reassignment surgery is child abuse, subject to all rules and procedures pertaining to child abuse.” Legal requirements for professionals such as teachers, nurses, day-care employees, doctors and other state employees that work with children who have “cause to believe” that a child has experienced any form of abuse, including genital mutilation, are outlined and provided as well. Specifically, they must report that belief to DFPS within 48 hours of first suspecting the abuse. Failure to do so could result in a prison sentence of up to one year or a fine of up to $4,000.

According to the American College of Pediatricians, additional side effects of puberty blockers include “osteoporosis, mood disorders, seizures, cognitive impairment and, when combined with cross-sex hormones, sterility.” Others who regretted undergoing gender transitions testified on a recent episode of the CBS newsmagazine program “60 Minutes” that the operations they underwent made their mental health worse, not better. 

Many medical organizations around the world, including the Australian College of Physicians, the Royal College of General Practitioners in the United Kingdom, and the Swedish National Council for Medical Ethics have characterized these interventions in children as experimental and dangerous. World-renowned Swedish psychiatrist Dr Christopher Gillberg has said that paediatric transition is “possibly one of the greatest scandals in medical history” and called for “an immediate moratorium on the use of puberty blocker drugs because of their unknown long-term effects.”

A year ago, the Finnish Health Authority issued new guidelines, which back psychotherapy, rather than puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, as the first-line of treatment. It took this step after a systematic review of the evidence, which found the evidence for paediatric gender reassignment and treatment “inconclusive”. The Finnish guidelines also warn of the uncertainty of providing any irreversible “gender-affirming” interventions for those 25 and under, due to the lack of neurological maturity. Reporting Article, Texas Gov Statement, ACpeds side-effects, Finland Guidelines.

USA – Three court cases that struck down counselling bans

In 2019, the city of Tampa, Florida lost in court in Vazzo v Tampa case. The ruling permanently struck down the ordinance that prohibited licensed counsellors from providing voluntary talk therapy to willing minors seeking help to reduce or eliminate their unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviours, or identity. The 41-page ruling said that the talk therapy ban interferes with this intimate, private and sensitive moment for a growing young man or woman who talks to a mental health therapist about sex, gender, preferences, and conflicting feelings. The ruling also explained that privacy rights of an individual to refuse or accept therapy already exists but the ban on therapy ordinance ignores this and “Florida’s Constitution privacy amendment suggests that government should stay out of the therapy room.” The ban was struck down, and said to want to occupy a very private space contrary to the constitution policy.

In 2020, the 11th U.S, Circuit Court of Appeals struck down two state laws prohibiting licensed therapists from recommending conversion therapy for children struggling with their sexual orientation or gender identity in the Otto v. City of Boca Raton case. In 2019, New York City Council withdrew its therapy ban fearing that if a federal lawsuit challenging the ban were to reach the Supreme Court, the panel could issue a ruling that protected the practice. Other cases are underway. The monstrous attacks on constitutional rights of willing minors to seek help with unwanted same-sex attraction and identity problems, seem to be losing the power they once yielded. 2019 Vazzo v Tampa case, 2020 Otto v. City of Boca Raton case, 2019 New York City Council withdraws therapy ban.

South Africa – Con court of SA rules hurtful speech does not equal hate speech

On 30 July 2021, the Constitutional Court handed down a unanimous judgment in the controversial and long-awaited case of Jon Qwelane versus the SA Human Rights Commission. The judgment settles the definition of hate speech in Importantly, in the Qwelane judgment, the Constitutional Court emphasised “that the expression of unpopular or even offensive beliefs does not constitute hate speech“, and defined hate speech as expression (i.e. speech, writing and/or conduct) which “travels beyond mere offensive expression and can be understood as “extreme detestation and vilification which risks provoking discriminatory activities against that group’“. On the question of whether Qwelane’s statements in fact amounted to hate speech, the Court found that Qwelane’s statements against the LGBT community were indeed harmful, incited harm and propagated hatred, and therefore amounted to hate speech.

Having regard to the judgment, however, it is clear that statements such as (but not limited to) the following, could amount to hate speech:

– An accusation that the LGBT community is responsible for the rapid decay of societal values;
– The insinuation that their sexual choices are against the natural order of things or akin to bestiality;
– The claim that the LGBT community should be denied the right to marry (i.e. arguing for “law reform” in favour of the removal of legal protection for same-sex marriages); and
– The insinuation that they are not worthy of the protection of the law.


USA – Court vacates ruling favouring trans student, will rehear school bathroom case

The appeals court issued an order on Monday in the case of Drew Adams v. School Board of St. Johns County, Florida, granting a full court hearing before the 12-member court, vacating a three-judge panel’s earlier decision. Born in 2000 as a female but presently identifying as male, Initially, Adams was permitted to use the boy’s restrooms for six weeks in ninth grade. However, eventually, officials barred Adams from doing so. Instead, officials gave Adams the alternative of using a gender-neutral, single-stall bathroom, the student filed a lawsuit against the school district on the grounds of discrimination. The earlier decision that favoured the trans student to use boy’s restroom was dissented by a Judge who concluded that the 2020 panel majority opinion “distorts the policy, misunderstands the legal claims asserted, and rewrites well-established precedent.” “By failing to address head-on the lawfulness of sex-separated bathrooms in schools, the majority recasts the school policy as classifying students on the basis of transgender status,” “And based on this recasting, it reaches the remarkable conclusion that schoolchildren have no sex-specific privacy interests when using the bathroom.” Court Order, Reporting Article.

LIFEalerts – Pornography


USA – Porn sites crumble

Since MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub and XTube, faces increasing scrutiny over apparent sex trafficking and rapes streaming on its platforms, the sister site XTube has announced they will disable video and photo uploads, and by Sept. 5, the site will close down. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) told The Daily Wire via email that the XTube closure is evidence that the “pornography industry is collapsing.” We look forward to the day we can announce that Pornhub and additional MindGeek-owned pornography sites are ending,” the CEO added. This means justice for the victims of trafficking and abuse who re-live these experiences while their videos remain on the platform. More

England – Popular Porn Sites Feature Sexual Violence, Study Finds

The largest study of online pornography to date was recently published in The British Journal of Criminology. It raises urgent questions about the extent of sexually violent, non-consensual, and even criminal material easily and freely available on mainstream porn websites. Fiona Vera-Gray, a legal research fellow and co-author of the study, told the BBC that sexually violent material “eroticized non-consent” and distorted “the boundary between sexual pleasure and sexual violence.” The implications of these findings on both an individual and societal level are significant. Over a six-month period, researchers analyzed the homepages of the three most popular porn websites—Pornhub, XVideos, and XHamster. The study concluded that 1 in 8 video titles alone shown to first-time users on the homepages are labelled with text describing sexually violent acts.

The descriptions and titles of the videos, match what the World Health Organization defines as sexual violence. The most frequent form of sexual violence in the sample—8,421 titles—was related to sexual activity between family members. “Teen” was the most frequently occurring word in both the entire data sample and in the sexual assault category.

The word “black” occurred in the top twenty most frequent words for the physical aggression and sexual assault category, but not for others—suggesting a connection between scripts of sexual violence and racialized descriptions of black performers. Terms that implied an inability to consent like “very young,” “schoolgirl,” “drugged,” and “unconscious” dominated the sample—with 2,698 titles coded as coercive and exploitative. More.

US – iPhones to be monitored for Evidence of Child Porn

Smartphones already act like tracking devices broadcasting the whereabouts of their owners, but Apple is about to open the door to far more advanced forms of smartphone-based voluntary surveillance by launching a new program designed to detect and report iPhone users who are found to have child pornography – known by the academic-speak acronym CSAM – which stands for Child Sexual Abuse Materials. There are concerns that the tool being used to unearth child pornography could one day be abused by authoritarian governments and once Apple has committed to using this type of surveillance, governments will demand it from everyone. More

Czech Republic – Youth activist on pornography

Jeronym Kristof, a Czech republic 19-year-old wrote his final school thesis on the negative effects of pornography. He conducted a survey with 437 adolescents in his region and the results were: Pornography viewing is widespread among adolescents, they have little knowledge about the risks and social problems associated with pornography viewing, pornography viewing affects the sexual expectations of the respondents, teens often come into contact with porn without searching for it, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even worse. The 19-year-old initiated a petition against porn in which he summarised the facts, and demands the content on the porn websites of WGCZ Holding be checked for illegal porn activity, and withdrawn. Based on Jeronym’s petition the investigative research of the Denik N began. His decision to do all this stemmed from the multiple cases of sexual exploitation against Pornhub. This investigation that started due to his petition have caused more than 10 articles to be published to this day and have attracted interest from the Police of the Czech Republic. This report was from NCOSE’s 2021 Virtual Summit / More details of Jeronym’s research is attached below.

US – Does Porn Fuel Rape Culture and Sexual Assault On College Campuses?

What does sexual assault have to do with pornography? Well, turns out they are more closely linked than people think. In September of 2015, The New York Times reported that a survey commissioned by the Association of American Universities (AAU) showed more than about 23% of female college undergrads at leading universities reported being sexually assaulted by force or when they were incapacitated. This included everything from unwanted touching to rape. If you didn’t know before, college students watch a lot of porn.  One survey polled about 2,500 university students from across the UK, half of whom were between the ages of 16 and 19, and found that 80% of men and 45% of women admitted to regularly watching porn.

One 2020 study entailed a large-scale content analysis and coding of a sample of 7,430 pornographic videos taken from the two most popular free porn sites, Pornhub and XvideosThe study found physical aggression against women present in 44.3% of Pornhub and 33.9% of Xvideos scenes. In fact, the study found that physical aggression was substantially more common in online pornographic videos than verbal aggression.

Specifically, women were the target of nearly 97% of all physically aggressive acts in the samples from both sites. Violence in porn isn’t an exception, it embodies entire genres on porn sites.  Of course, not all porn material features physical violence, but even non-violent porn has been shown to have effects on consumers.

The vast majority of porn—violent or not—portrays men as powerful and in charge; while women are submissive and obedient. Watching scene after scene of dehumanizing submission makes it start to seem normal. Study after study has shown that consumers of violent and nonviolent porn are more likely to use verbal coercion, drugs, and alcohol to coerce individuals into sex. 

Multiple studies have found that exposure to both violent and nonviolent porn increases aggressive behaviour, including both having violent fantasies and actually committing violent assaults. If we’re really going to tackle the issue of sexual abuse as a society, we need to be aware of all the places where this harmful behaviour is normalized, and even promoted. The same kind of behaviour that many college sexual assault and rape survivors endured is easily accessible for anyone with internet to watch. This is precisely why many are beginning to speak out and shining a light on the connection between porn and making fantasy out of abusive situations. More

LIFEalerts – Sexual Exploitation

Sexual Exploitation

USA – Decriminalization and Legalization law Models for prostitution

Decriminalization and legalization of prostitution are unmitigated disasters in every country where these laws have passed. Local authorities in the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia, where pimping, sex buying, and brothel owning were legalized, struggle to contain the illegal sex trade and organized crime that thrives under this framework. Up to 90% of women and girls in brothels across Europe are undocumented foreign women from the poorest countries of Eastern Europe and the global south deemed to have been trafficked. Germany hosts country-wide, multi-storied chain brothels in which Johns are offered menus from which to choose sexual acts, some of which amount to torture. Since New Zealand passed its decriminalization law, street prostitution doubled in Auckland between 2006 and 2007. More

USA – Sex trafficking victims can sue Twitter

A federal judge in California has allowed a lawsuit against Twitter filed on behalf of two victims of child sexual abuse to move forward, having partly denied a motion by the social media platform to dismiss the complaint. In an order released Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Spero ruled that the two victims in the case “have stated a claim for civil liability under the” Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. “This lawsuit seeks to shine a light on how Twitter has enabled and profited from [child sexual abuse material] on its platform, choosing profits over people, money over the safety of children, and wealth at the expense of human freedom and human dignity,” stated the lawsuit. More

USA – DHS Insider Blows Whistle

A Department of Homeland Security insider has come forward to Project Veritas to blow the whistle on how international cartels exploit U.S. immigration loopholes to carry out massive child sex trafficking operations. The whistle-blower sat down with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe to lay out how exactly these criminal networks get around immigration law. “It’s almost like they are coached, ‘Hey if you get caught, just go ahead and say this.’” The whistle-blower said most transnational gangs are involved in child sex trafficking because it’s a lucrative black market industry. “This to me is a bigger problem than terrorism is right now” …Every single one of these Transnational Criminal Organizations are involved in sex trafficking,” he said. More

LIFEalerts – Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

USA – Crystals healing hoax

Crystals and crystal healing have become increasingly popular in recent years. People who use crystals cite their supposed healing powers and positive energy. However, there is no scientific evidence to support their use in the treatment of anxiety or depression. Dominique Fontaine, BSN, RN, HNB-BC, HWNC-BC is a double board certified holistic nurse and health and wellness nurse coach of the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation and advises people to consult with a doctor to determine a treatment that will work best for their symptoms. More

LIFEalerts – IVF & Surrogacy

IVF & Surrogacy

South Africa – Men choosing to become single fathers

A fertility lawyer, who heads his own firm in Cape Town, has registered a number of babies for single fathers through surrogacy over the past decade. The process is rather laborious since choosing a donor means looking into health records, family history, smoking habits, are they on medication, do they drink, how much do they exercise, eye & hair colour, what is their height, academic & sporting ability, are they introvert or not etc. The process is not cheap either. Other challenges single men face when having children is that they will be doing this on their own and the child won’t have a mom. Would be interesting to find out why single men choose this route instead of the natural way. More

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


Indonesia – Soap opera normalizing pedophilia

Indonesians are calling for severe sanctions on a TV network after it aired extremely disturbing content in a soap opera pertaining to the sexualisation of a child.  The show depicts a man in his late thirties using the powers of manipulation to marry a high school student as his third wife, who is portrayed by a 15-year-old actress. Government officials have said child marriage in Indonesia is at alarming levels in recent years, leading to President Joko Widodo raising the minimum age for marriage for women from 16 to 19. Yet child marriage continues to be practiced due to religious and/or cultural loopholes. More

Germany – Proposed treatment model for Pedophilia

Prevention Project Dunkelfeld was founded by a German sexologist, who and directs, Arguably the world’s most radical social experiment in treating pedophilia. The treatment proposes: not reporting those who have offended and promoting prevention, rather than punishment. The team encourages people who are sexually attracted to children and adolescents to come forward to receive therapy and medication instead of acting on their urges or going untreated by health professionals. Thousands have reached out for help. Unlike most countries, Germany’s law does not mandate professionals to report child abuse that has or might occur. Interest in the program’s model is growing worldwide. More

LIFEalerts – Pornography


USA – Over half of sex trafficking recruitment cases occurred on Facebook

According to the Human Trafficking Institute’s 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report, the majority of online recruitment (65%) in active sex trafficking cases in the U.S. occurred on Facebook. Data from the last two decades showed that 30% of all victims, identified in federal sex trafficking cases since 2000, were recruited online. Instagram and Snapchat were the most frequently cited platforms after Facebook for recruiting child victims in 2020. For adult victims, the next-most cited were WeChat and Instagram. The majority of victims in active sex trafficking cases in 2020 were targeted with a fraudulent job offer, the report notes, followed by feigned romance. The data is based on 602 victims. More

India – Multiple Child Pornography cases on Twitter Registered in India

The Delhi Police has registered a case against Twitter on a complaint by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) for allegedly allowing access to child sexual abuse material on the social media platform. Keswani alleged that Twitter, “through a conspiracy”, distorted the country’s identity and hurt their sentiments. Keswani initiate legal action against the social media giant for putting up this distortion. Notably, the platform has lost its legal shield in India, becoming liable for users posting any unlawful content. The government has confronted the US digital giant over deliberate defiance and failure to comply with the country’s new IT rules, despite repeated reminders. More

USA – Cognitive Processes Related to Problematic Pornography Use

A study published in Science Direct explained the consequences of problematic pornography use (PPU). Excessive time and effort spent on watching and searching for pornography, impaired self-control over pornography use, failure to fulfil family, social, or work responsibilities, persistence in these sexual behaviours regardless of consequences all characterizes PPU. Twenty-one experimental studies and from six countries were included in this review. The study reported:

Findings from all five studies which tested for “attentional bias” showed that individuals with PPU or greater pornography consumption are more likely to show attentional bias toward sexual stimuli. This is significant because attentional bias is a known indicator of addiction. PPU relates to impaired “inhibitory control” which plays a “central role” in regulating human behaviour. It is especially critical in managing what we call “self-control”. Article, Study.

Germany – Germany Is About to Block One of the Biggest Porn Sites

German Child Protection Regulators are on the verge of blocking one of the world’s largest pornographic websites, xHamster, because they refuse to introduce age checks. Legislators around the world—including in Canada, France, the UK, and some US states—are looking to introduce more measures aimed at stopping children from accessing adult material online. Germany is also on the verge of taking legal action against three other sites, YouPorn, Pornhub, and MyDirtyHobby, for the same reason. All these sites are owned by MindGeek. In reality this means issuing a blocking order to Germany’s biggest web providers—including Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, O2, and 1&1—demanding that they block the website for people trying to access it in Germany. More

Philippines – Activists are trying to change law that 12-year-olds can consent to sex

Child sexual abuse is rampant in the Philippines, which activists say is partly driven by the country’s law regarding the age at which girls can legally consent to sex, at just 12 years old. Opponents of the law say children that age are incapable of giving consent. The law protects predators, because they can claim victims consented. The low age of consent contributes to what international rights organizations have described as high levels of sex trafficking and teenage pregnancy in the Philippines. Raising the age is just one step. The bill includes more provisions to strengthen enforcement, improve the investigation and legal process, and provide more support and confidentiality for victims of sexual exploitation and abuse. More