DFL member Dr de Vos takes a stand against abortion and then gets charged by HPCSA for misconduct.”

Please read the following articles about Dr de Vos:


A hearing by the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) against an anti-abortion doctor got off to a rocky start and had to be temporarily adjourned on Tuesday in Cape Town. Jacques de Vos, 32, is facing charges of unprofessional conduct and was prohibited from practising medicine due to his views on abortion. READ MORE


A doctor, prohibited from practising medicine over his views on abortion, will face the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) on Tuesday. Doctor Jacques de Vos reportedly believes abortion constitutes the killing of an unborn human being. De Vos was a medical intern at 2 Military Hospital in Wynberg when he made the utterance to a patient. He was then fired more than two years ago. READ MORE


An intern doctor and anti-abortionist appeared before a disciplinary hearing yesterday for allegedly dissuading a pregnant woman from terminating her pregnancy and likening it to the “killing of a human being”. READ MORE


A former military hospital doctor will appear before a disciplinary inquiry in Cape Town on Tuesday after being barred from practising as a doctor. Dr Jacques De Vos, who was a medical intern at 2 Military Hospital, was suspended two years ago after advising a patient that abortion is the killing of an unborn human being. READ MORE

Daring South Africa to give hope instead of abortion as a death sentence!

Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Date: 30 January 2018 Telephone: 032 481 5550 Doctors for Life International (DFL) commends the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) division of Health and Human Services (HHS) of the USA for setting the ultimate example for countries to follow! According to the OCR website health care workers can now file complaints when they experience coercion or discrimination of any sort, for refusing to participate in any procedure related to abortion, euthanasia or gender reassignment. Even though DFL agrees that there are indeed complicated situations that could cause a pregnant woman to consider having an abortion, and that these circumstances could be extremely difficult, the morality of abortion being seen as the solution to these problems is not straight forward and is evidently wrong. We simply cannot take the lives of human beings to solve social problems, no matter how serious they may seem to be. Everyone in this day and age is morally obliged to understand that alternative options and solutions are readily available without needlessly having to abort a child. Women who have had abortions are not the only ones who eventually regret their decisions. Doctors and nurses who have performed abortions have also had a change of heart.

  • Dr. Kathi Aultman a board certified obstetrician and gynaecologist used to perform abortions but after she saw how it affected her patients – she realized that she could no longer continue performing abortions.
  • Dr. Anthony Levatino is another gynecologist who changed his mind about abortion. He is renowned for highlighting the horrific abortion procedures and negative health implications on the women who have had abortions globally.
  • Ally Bowlin struggled for six years, trying to suppress emotions of grief and suicidal tendencies after having had an abortion which did not alleviate her social problems. She also now testifies from experience as to how abortion did not empower or help her as per the abortion clinics spurious claims. Indeed, she experienced quite the opposite of these pro choice organizations advertised claims.
Many references can be quoted from which demonstrate the brutal horror of abortion on the babies who get poisoned or ripped from the womb. Notwithstanding that the impact on the mothers who decide to end the life of their baby can result in psychological problems such as Post Abortion Syndrome. We should not forget to include the doctors who have had to take the lives of these babies. South Africa can still turn things around and provide hope instead of willingly handing out death sentences to our littlest and most innocent of South Africans! https://www.bioedge.org/bioethics/trump-administration-moves-to-defend-conscience-rights/12567 https://www.hhs.gov/conscience/conscience-protections/index.html Doctors for Life International represents more than 1500 medical doctors and specialists, three-quarters of whom practice in South Africa. Since 1991 DFL has been actively promoting sound science in the medical profession and health care that is safe and efficient for all South Africans. For more information visit: http://www.doctorsforlife.co.za]]>

South African March for Life

The National Alliance for Life (NAL) is an umbrella body composed of most pro-life groups, many churches and organizations. The aim of the March for Life is to:

  1. Inform most Christians in South Africa when life begins and what abortion really is.
  2. Inspire millions of Christians to take a public stand against abortion.
  3. Encourage mothers in crisis pregnancies not to abort their babies.
  4. Persuade medical personnel in SA to exercise their united constitutional right of freedom of conscience.
  5. Educate the voting public to vote on moral issues but especially on the abortion issue, as well as to make political parties aware of the importance voters attach to the abortion issue.
Never before has there been such a great need for pro-lifers to stand together, regardless of their various affiliations. Since 1 February 1997 more than one million, two hundred thousand babies have been killed in South Africa – by abortion – legally.
Presently, approximately 80 000 legal abortions are performed annually. If the illegal abortions are added the statistics are overwhelming. In 2012 the Department of Health estimated that there were 6.3 times more illegal abortions than legal abortions. This means that 503 000 illegal abortions need to be added to the legal ones, which brings the annual abortions in South Africa to the devastating total of 583 000. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. There is a desperate need for all South Africans to do something! We have the March for Life where all pro-lifers unite and “stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves”. We would therefore like to call on all pro-lifers to stand together in this matter.
We gather on the first Sunday of October every year at Umhlanga. Contact us: 032 481 5550 / 5807 or Pastor Aaron: 083 976 1847

Posters from this year’s March:

[caption id="attachment_3788" align="alignleft" width="605"] Download the poster! (Click to load larger version, then right click to save)[/caption] [caption id="attachment_3789" align="alignleft" width="605"] Download the poster! (Click to load larger version, then right click to save)[/caption]  ]]>

Press Release – March For Life 2015

collage March 2015 smallMARCH FOR LIFE 4 OCTOBER 2015 This past Sunday was the annual National Alliance For Life (NAL), National March For life 2015. This event is held once a year on the first Sunday in October. It brings together people from all walks of life across South Africa who are pro-life and want to take a stand and stop the senseless killing of unborn babies. As much as the pro-abortionists claim that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body that baby although it might be inside her, is not part of her body, it is a separate person. If it is OK to kill a baby inside the womb, the next step of society will be (as is already being claimed by some leading bio-ethicists in the West), to claim that the lives of all human beings after being born are not equal. Society is being de-sensitized to the extent that the leading bio-ethicist in the USA (Peter Singer), can claim that up to 23 days AFTER the birth, a child should not be considered a human person that deserves protection from the law. The National march for Life is trying to get rid of such passivity in society and is open to all people from various organizations, as well as individuals and churches who demand the right of unborn human persons to full protection of the law. NAL provides a forum for all interested parties to come together and combine their efforts in order to raise awareness. The March For Life has been taking place for a number of years now and each year sees more interest from organizations and the media. Science has proven that life starts at the earliest beginnings of a human embryo and that very first cell contains all the information that makes the embryo a new, unique human being. It is a  person, which contains all the genetic information from the hair and eye color; the shoe size; how tall that person will be; whether they will be sportier or more academic or both etc. It will always be the weakest and most vulnerable of society that are taken advantage of and that is also true for an unborn baby. Just because they cannot stand up and speak for themselves does not mean we or their mothers have the right to decide if they may live or die. The goal of NAL and the March For Life is to inform and educate the public on abortion and get people, especially mothers, to realize there are other options available and that the complications a woman suffers after abortion doesn’t just last for those few minutes. The emotional scars can last a life time unless she gets therapy and counselling. Post Abortion Syndrome is well documented and results in severe depression, guilt, anxiety and regret. As a nation we call upon everybody to stand up and take responsibility for our actions. Since 1997 when abortion was legalized we have killed an estimated 1.2 million babies. On a world wide scale 19000 babies are aborted each day and since 1972 when abortion was legalized in the USA over 60 million babies have been aborted. It is time to stop this senseless taking of human life because it might be an inconvenience to us. We need to hold onto the sanctity of life.]]>

The Abortion Law and Your Rights

The following interpretation of the law expresses the views of senior legal council to Doctors For Life International (DFL)… RELEVANT CONSTITUTION CLAUSES: Section 15[1]: “Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion”. Section 16[1][b]: “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression which includes  freedom to receive or impart information or ideas”. Section 9: “Everyone is equal before the law and has the right to equal protection and benefit of the law. No person may be unfairly discriminated against directly or indirectly on any one or more grounds including amongst other things religion, conscience and belief”. YOUR RIGHTS The Constitution is the ultimate law of the country and consequently if it would clash with another law, the Constitution would override the other law. These Constitutional Rights entitle you to the following: To resist in Court any attempt to refuse employment or to discriminate against you or to intimidate you into participating in induced abortion. You have the right to refuse to refer a patient to an Abortionist. To inform others of your ideas and views about induced abortion. Contrary to what the law says, the Constitution would even allow Health Workers to refuse to furnish any information concerning the rights of an applicant for induced abortion. It is important to take note that the clause in the draft abortion law that forced a Doctor or Nurse, who was unwilling to do an abortion, to refer the Patient to another Doctor/Nurse who would be willing, was scrapped before the bill was voted upon in 1997. (This was done under pressure from all the opposition parties at the time.) This means that there is currently no legal obligation to refer. According to the Canadian Medical Association, “a Doctor who refers a Patient for a procedure he believes to be wrong is morally just as culpable as the Doctor who performs the procedure”. You may not be forced to participate in any part of the abortion procedure; this would include anything from directly taking part in the abortion procedure, to making beds and caring for the Patient or even looking at histological specimens in the laboratory. You may refuse taking part in any part of the administrative process of arranging abortions at all levels of the health system. You may not be refused work, dismissed or victimised in your work place because of your conscientious beliefs and objections concerning induced abortions. WHAT THE LAW DOES NOT ALLOW You may not express your ideas in a threatening or intimidating way, or physically prevent somebody from going for an induced abortion. YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES If you do not wish to participate in induced abortion in terms of your lawful rights, you should make your viewpoint known as soon as possible to your employer in writing so that substitute staff can be arranged. (Contact DFL for the relevant form and advice.) OTHER RIGHTS CONCERNING THE ABORTION LAW You have the right to insist that, in a particular Institution, all the conditions stipulated in the Act be adhered to before induced abortion may be performed. – Induced abortions can only be carried out in an authorised facility. According to the regulations of the law, surgical abortion can only be performed in a facility designated by the Minister of Health. In turn, the Minister is only allowed to designate a facility if it complies with specific conditions and requirements. For instance, there must be access to medical and nursing staff that can perform the procedure. A Health Professional with conscientious objection cannot be counted as an accessible staff member. If there are not sufficient pro-abortion staff members at the particular facility, such a facility cannot be designated by the Minister. If a facility had been designated before, and loses its pro-abortion staff members, the Minister can withdraw such a  designation after giving 14 days prior notice of such a withdrawal in the Government Gazette. The age of the unborn child must be determined before the abortion takes place. Abortion after 12 weeks can only be permitted if the special circumstances of the Act are present. The woman having the abortion must be fully informed concerning all the consequences regarding having an abortion and must give her consent to it. Where the woman is a minor, she must be advised to consult with her parents or her family. Where the woman is mentally disabled or unconscious, additional special conditions apply. The state must promote the provision of non-mandatory and non-directive counseling. MISOPROSTOL / MEFIPRISTONE Misoprostol / Mefipristone has created a peculiar dilemma for health professionals who have a conscientious objection to performing induced abortions. Misoprostol /Mefipristone is often given by another Health Professional who tells the Patient to go to the local hospital’s casualty department once she starts bleeding. At the hospital, pro-life staff are then foreced to attend to the Patient, for example, by doing a D&C. This blurs the line between taking care of Patients suffering from the complications of an induced abortion, and completing the second part of the abortion procedure and thus becoming an accomplice. What is your duty if, for instance, you work in a casualty department, and a Patient  comes in haemorrhaging from Misoprostol / Mefipristone? Your duty is to stabilize the Patient after which you can refer the Patient to a Health Professional who has no conscientious objection to continue to attend to the immediate needs of the Patient. Also, if the initial receiving and stabilising of these “emergencies” becomes a regular occurrence / part of your routine, you have the right to demand that arrangements be made for pro-abortion staff to be available to receive and stabilize these Patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. WHEN APPLYING FOR A POST You have the right not to be discriminated against. You can apply to work in any  department and if there is more than one applicant, the fact that you do not want to take part in abortion should not in any way count against you, be that an application to work in the casualty department, the department of obstetrics and gynaecology or wherever. STEPS TO PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS Step 1: Contact Doctors For Life (DFL) for a form to notify your employers about your convictions and rights. Step 2: Give one copy to your employer and keep one for yourself. Step 3: DFL can assist you with legal advice. POST ABORTION SYNDROME Participation in abortion has emotionally harmed many people. Post Abortion Syndrome is a very real condition amongst Health Care Professionals involved in abortion and is characterised by depression, nightmares, fits of crying and many other disturbing symptoms. If you have been affected, do not hesitate to contact our pre- and post-abortion 24 hour Careline: 078 879 7484