12 Myths about Assisted Suicide and Medical Aid In Dying

This article is written by Ronald W. Pies, MD and Annette Hanson, MD and was published by mdmag.com on July 7, 2018. Introduction In an age of “alternative facts”, it’s hard to sort out myth from reality when it comes to so-called ‘medical-aid-in-dying’ (MAID)—also called physician assisted suicide (PAS). By whatever label we attach to it, this … Read more

Special Life Alert: USA – Yale data: Cancer patients relying on unproven alternative treatments likely to die two and a half times sooner

According to Altmetric, which tracks the distribution and discussion of research papers online, a July article by several Yale physicians is the most-discussed paper ever published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI). The title of this blockbuster: “Use of Alternative Medicine for Cancer and Its Impact on Survival.” “It struck a chord,” … Read more

Daring South Africa to give hope instead of abortion as a death sentence!

Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Date: 30 January 2018 Telephone: 032 481 5550 Doctors for Life International (DFL) commends the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) division of Health and Human Services (HHS) of the USA for setting the ultimate example for countries to follow! According to the OCR website health care workers … Read more

LIFEalerts 15 November 2017

Abortion UK – Legal abortion clinic pays staff bonuses to ensure abortions USA – More abortion clinics fail Health requirements USA – Paediatricians laud new ethical non embryonic stem cell vaccine USA – Former Abortion changes her view on abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Australia – Victoria euthanasia bill in the balance as … Read more

DFL joins current Con Court Dagga battle amid FDA cracking down on Cancer curing claims

Media Release Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Telephone: 032 481 5550 Date: 07 November 2017 On Tuesday the 7th of November 2017 Doctors For Life International (DFL) as Amicus Curiae (Friend of The Court) and the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development (together with other South African Government Departments), will argue to … Read more

LIFEalerts 25 October 2017

  Abortion South Africa – Political party seeks to repeal abortion act USA – Two states ban abortion on pain-capable babies USA – What really happens inside an abortion clinic? UK – Woman changed her mind about abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Canada – Nine out of ten Quebec caregivers support MAiD for … Read more

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  Abortion USA – Abortion clinic closed permanently due to health standards USA – Studies on victims of rape and abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia UK – Is fear of being a burden a good reason for assisted suicide? USA – Assisted suicide push fails in New York Netherlands – Will assisted suicide … Read more

Special LIFEalert 23 September 2017

1. American College of Physicians Reaffirms Opposition to Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide ACP also calls for improved hospice and palliative care In “Ethics and the Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide,” an updated paper published today in Annals of Internal Medicine, the American College of Physicians (ACP) reaffirmed its opposition to the legalization of physician-assisted suicide and affirmed … Read more

LIFEalerts 15 September 2017

  Abortion Iceland – Nearly 100{01b0879e117dd7326006b2e84bcaac7e8fa1509c5c67baf2c9eb498fe06caff4} of Down syndrome babies terminated Alternative Medicine USA – Patients choosing alternative cancer therapy double risk of death Asia – Use of alternative medicine does more harm than good Euthanasia Canada – Financial suicide -euthanasia’s true color Netherlands – Dutch right-to-die group confirms elder abuse risk IVF& Surrogacy Cyprus … Read more

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Abortion USA – Texas permanently bans taxpayer funding of abortion USA – Google and Facebook Protesting Women’s Health Care Clinic Alternative Medicine USA – FDA Links Naturopathic Turmeric Death to Contaminated Product Euthanasia Netherlands – Latest end-of-life statistics from the Netherlands New Zealand – 80 percent of respondents against legalizing assisted suicide IVF& Surrogacy India … Read more

Doctors For Life Court Case to Prevent Legalization of Dagga (Marijuana)

We need your urgent financial support In RE: Stobbs and 2 others//National Director of Public Prosecutions and six ministers of government departments and Doctors For Life International Download the Court Papers Introduction On the 31st of July 2017 a court case commenced in the Pretoria High Court concerning the constitutional legality of South Africa’s dagga … Read more

South Africa should know the implications of letting the LGBT teach our children on homosexuality

Media Release Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Date: 11 July 2017 Telephone: 032 481 5550 Gender DynamiX, SWEAT, the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition, Partners in Sexual Health and Triangle are the few mentioned LGBT NGO’s that have made submissions to the South African Government which they might consider adopting. Some of … Read more

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Abortion Ireland – Women Travelling to UK for Abortions Drops for 15 Years USA – How millennials are impacting the pro-life movement UK – Consider What Unborn Babies Can Do in the Womb New Zealand – Abortions Drop to Lowest Total in 25 Years Alternative Medicine USA – Meds Rooted in Ancient China May Help … Read more

Decriminalising Prostitution in South Africa is a nefarious miscarriage of Justice

Media Release Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Date: 26 June 2017 Telephone: 032 481 5550 The decriminalisation of prostitution is a nefarious miscarriage of justice that “disappears” egregious human rights abuses through the use of political smoke and mirrors. It furthermore authorizes profiteering from sexual violence and accedes to the apparent right … Read more

Doctors for Life commends the SALRC for the new prostitution laws proposed for S.A.

Media Release Embargo: Immediate release Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Date: 30 May 2017 Telephone: 032 481 5550 Doctors For Life International (DFL) as an overview of Project 107 (adult prostitution) commends the South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC) on being fundamentally practical about the final draft legislation on prostitution. DFL would also like to … Read more

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Abortion USA – Trump Signs Bill to Overturn Obama Rule USA – “Lumberjacks for Life” empower pregnant and parenting students Canada – $300 Abortion drug for free USA – University puts abortion pills in vending machine Alternative Medicine Nigeria – Benefits of traditional medicine bill Canada – Nearly eight in ten Canadians have used alternative … Read more

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  Abortion USA – Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade Passes Away USA – House Votes to Overturn States Funding Planned Parenthood USA – Congressional Bill to Protect Doctors and Nurses against Abortions Africa – Women slam global ‘safe abortion’ fund as ‘new colonialism’ Alternative Medicine Ghana – Safety issues in Herbal Medicine Nigeria – … Read more

Conflating marijuana plants with isolated cannabinoids to confuse the public

Embargo: Immediate release Date: 23 February 2017 Enquiries: Doctors For Life Int. Telephone: 032 4815550 Media Release Doctors For Life International (DFL) is concerned about the way news reporting on the Medical Innovations Bill keeps presenting the issue of ‘medical marijuana’ to the public. These reports pose the danger of confusing critical issues in the … Read more

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Abortion USA – Iowa Bill to Allow Women to Sue for Emotional Grief Northern Ireland – 100,000 People Alive Today Because Abortion illegal USA – Abortions Decline in the USA Alternative Medicine USA – Massachusetts Governor Signs Naturopathic Medicine Bill Euthanasia Canada – More than 744 physician assisted deaths in Canada since new law USA … Read more

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  Abortion USA – Abortions are continuing to drop USA – Texas will require aborted babies to be cremated or buried USA – Ohio to Deny Access to Abortion as Early as 6 Weeks Malawi – People in March against Legislation of Abortion Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia Netherlands – Euthanasia for alcoholics, the … Read more

Bloemfontein Supreme Court of Appeal upholds appeal, rejects active euthanasia

Media Release Embargo: Immediate release Date: 07-12-2016 Enquiries: Vaughan Luck Cell: 078 748 9884 Doctors For Life International is delighted with the outcome of this court case which was the culmination of decades of conferences, educating Health Professionals and the public, taking part in debates, and finally this legal battle to prevent legislation that would use … Read more

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Abortion Chile – Women give preborn children a voice Poland – Payments aimed at reducing number of abortions USA – Planned Parenthood prepares for defunding Northern Ireland – Hundreds of thousands say no to abortion Alternative Medicine Malawi – Concern at murder of Malawian Albinos Euthanasia USA – Anorexic Woman Allowed to Starve Herself to … Read more

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  Abortion USA – Pro-Abortionists Oppose Law to Bury or Cremate Aborted babies USA – Are third trimester abortions for real? Alternative Medicine Vietnam – Dubious herbal medicines harm kidneys USA – Study finds cranberries ineffective against urinary infections Euthanasia USA – Washington, D.C Approves Physician-Assisted Suicide IVF& Surrogacy No news today Medical Ethics EU … Read more

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Abortion Norway – Foreign women pregnant with twins to have selective abortions Alternative Medicine USA – Anti-tuberculosis drug disrupted by botanical supplement Euthanasia Netherlands – Dutch may legalise assisted dying for those tired of living USA – Enter the vultures, those that really score off other’s death South Africa – Tutu backs assisted suicide but … Read more

John Kelly’s Testimony Opposing New Jersey Assisted Suicide Bill A2451

This article was published on the Not Dead Yet website on September 6, 2016. [Editor’s Note: John Kelly lived in New Jersey in his younger years and traveled back there to testify on October 6, 2016 in opposition to the latest assisted suicide bill, A2451. His oral testimony is below, and his full written testimony is here.] Chair … Read more

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Abortion Norway – Doctor fired for refusing to administer abortifacients UK – Are abortions for cleft palate rising? Poland – New Law Proposed to Ban All Abortions Alternative Medicine Australia – How Chinese medicine kills cancer cells Euthanasia Netherlands – The Dutch do it better IVF& Surrogacy Norway – What’s in the IVF Petri dish? … Read more

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Abortion USA – Abortions Drop to Record Low in North Dakota UK – Marie Stopes suspends abortions in UK after safety inspections USA – Abortions Drop 37{01b0879e117dd7326006b2e84bcaac7e8fa1509c5c67baf2c9eb498fe06caff4} in Memphis USA – Is Zika the cause of Microcephaly? Alternative Medicine USA – DEA will ban chemicals contained in Kratom Euthanasia Belgium – Gold medalist paralympian from … Read more

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Abortion USA – Texas drops all charges against Center for Medical Progress USA – Planned Parenthood Closing Six Clinics Mexico – State Votes to Ban Abortions and “Protect Life from Conception” Ireland – High Court Rules an Unborn Baby Has a Right to Life Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia USA – Doctors are healers, … Read more

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Abortion Ireland – Parliament Defeats Bill to Legalize Abortions on Disabled Babies Russia – Government Signs Agreement with Church to Prevent Abortions Alternative Medicine No news today Euthanasia UK – Media bias on assisted suicide IVF& Surrogacy No news today Medical Ethics UK – Parliament to study freedom of conscience for doctors UK – What … Read more