Prof. Chris Warton to represent Doctors For Life Int. in a TV debate on abortion.

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This week Thursday, 13 February 2020 Prof. Chris Warton will be representing Doctors For Life International (DFL) in a TV debate on the topic of abortion. The debate will be a live broadcast between 06:00am & 08:00am on “Groot Ontbyt” on Kyknet as well as “Groot FM”. (It’s a TV and a radio station combined)

Prof. Warton is a professor in anatomy at the University of Cape Town, and one of DFL’s longest standing members. Please tune in and support Prof Warton and DFL by sending comments to the station’s SMS and whatsApp lines below during the show.

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Aid to Africa Zambezi Delta Vision Outreach

In September 2019, Doctors For Life conducted a large medical outreach to one of the most remotest areas in Sub-Saharan Africa – the vast Zambezi Delta region of about 18,000sq/km in Mozambique. The focus was curing blindness through cataract surgery but included various other types of eye surgery.

Total number of surgeries were about 136. Organisations and companies that supported DFL included: Medical Mission International, Good Shepherd Hospital, Mercy Air, YWAM (JOCUM) Marromeu, The Kingsley Holgate Foundation (through their sponsors Land Rover, Barrows and Nandos), TEREOS Sugar company in Marromeu, Surgical Opthalmic Supplies (SOS) and many ot her individuals.

A big thank you to all of them, without whom this mission would not have been possible. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the Mozambique ministry of Health, in particular the minister, as well as the Ministry of Health of the three provinces Sofala, Inhambane and Zambezia. A special thank you to the medical specialists, nurses and volunteers who gave their time and expertise to help the needy free of charge.

Emthaleni Child and Youth Care Centre

It is with much joy and excitement that we can now show you the most recent initiative at the Emthaleni Centre – a vegetable garden! Besides Emthaleni the garden will also provide vegetables for five of our other centres that are in the surrounding area. We will hopefully also be able to generate a small income by selling these much needed nutritious vegetables to the community! We would like to extend a big thank you to Mr Gert de Vries for all of his hard work in getting the project going. At the same time the orphans are being taught an agricultural skill project which the surrounding community can also benefit from. Thank you to all of our donors! Without you this exciting project would not have been possible! God bless you all! I am looking forward to keeping you all updated. The chicken project has come to a standstill due to the outbreak of bird flu in South Africa and the escalating costs of chicken food due to a drought. We trust that we will be able to tackle the task once again after these difficulties are behind us! Karen van Eeden (Project Manager) +27 824386078]]>

Porn channel fined R25,000

Porn channel fined R25,000 for pleasing its 284 subscribers Dominic Skelton | 07 May, 2015 13:18 Digital satellite TV broadcaster StarSat got more than just a telling off by the broadcasting watchdog for continuing to show pornographic content after a court order forbade it to. SCA dismisses ODM appeal over decision to licence porn channels SCA dismisses ODM appeal over decision to licence porn channels Porn TV’s prime-time ban upheld by court Porn TV’s prime-time ban upheld by court The company was fined R25,000 by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) for “knowingly” continuing the unauthorised service while its application to appeal the court’s decision had not yet been lodged. The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa had allowed On Digital Media‚ which runs StarSat‚ to broadcast the pornographic content on three channels but the Western Cape High Court retracted the authorisation in November last year. StarSat admitted to continuing the service for almost four weeks during December and January in anticipation of their appeal‚ which was subsequently dismissed by the Supreme Court of Appeal. The company asked to be let off without a fine‚ saying that the service was only available on subscription and locked by two security pins. Subscribers had to prove they were over 18 years old and the service had only 284 subscribers. However‚ this only served to reduce its fine from the BCCSA’s maximum penalty of R60,000. The council of the Justice Alliance of South Africa‚ which lodged the complaint with the BCCSA‚ argued that regardless of the content and protections‚ providing an unauthorised service knowingly justified more than a reprimand. The BCCSA agreed. “A fine should be imposed to demonstrate to the respondent and other broadcasters that it is a serious contravention to broadcast without authorisation. However‚ there are circumstances that support [the approach] that the maximum should not be imposed‚” BCCSA chairman Kobus van Rooyen said. Van Rooyen said the fine of R25,000 was “sufficient to indicate the seriousness of the offence”. The BCCSA said the issue was not that pornography was broadcast but that there was broadcast without authorisation. It said the broadcasting of non-violent pornography was permitted by the Code for Subscription Broadcasters if it was branded ‘X18’. – RDM News Wire, TMG Courts and Law]]>

Aid to Africa: 2013-2014 Report

Introduction: It is with much appreciation that we take a look at the reports since January 2013 to the present for the Medical Outreach Program of Doctors For Life (DFL) called Aid to Africa. Both our mobile or short term medical missions (A), as well as the DFL Sihane Clinic and Maternity Ward in Zavora, Mozambique (B) fall under this program. With the assistance of many, we were able to impact thousands of lives in needy and often extremely isolated areas in Southern Africa. General medical examinations, dental care, free medication and treatment, pre-and post natal care, vaccinations and eye care are just some of the basic, yet often life saving services provided free of charge. Thank you very much to everybody who contributed thus far. We look forward to working together with you in the coming years. Johan Claassen (Project Co-ordinator)

A: Mobile and short term Outreaches

Medical Accomplishments for 2014 so far 4 needy areas were identified and reached with the main focus on eye surgery: 2 in Malawi, Mbonchera and Nombazo 1 in Mozambique, Inhambane 1 in Botswana, Maun 423 surgical procedures of which most were cataract surgeries on blind people. 600 approximate prescription eye glasses Thousands of people were screened and treated in various surrounding communities during these campaigns Medical Accomplishments for 2013 7 remote and needy areas were reached with the main focus on eye surgery: 2 in Malawi, Tekheranie and Kasinje 2 in Zambia, Mbanga and Mitete 2 in Angola, Mucusso and Calai 1 in South Africa, Kingscliffe 248 surgical procedures of which most were cataract surgery on blind people. 211 dental procedures 742+ prescription eye glasses (actually approximately 800 ) 2671 internal medicine examinations (General practitioner examinations) 1438 + eye examinations in total 4474 total patients were treated and examined

B: DFL Sihane Clinic and Maternity Ward, Zavora, Mozambique

Medical Accomplishments We examined and treated approximately 12 916 patients at our Zavora clinic, of which: 5468 were Malaria cases 68 HIV 21 other STI’s 306 Diarrhoea 208 babies were delivered during 2013 670 deliveries over the past few years since the maternity ward opened  
Year Live births Birth deaths Transfers to hospitals Total deliveries
2009 31 1 6 32
2010 107 0 13 107
2011 120 0 22 120
2012 199 3 16 202
2013 201 4 21 208
TOTAL 661 8 78 670