LIFEalerts – IVF & Surrogacy

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

IVF & Surrogacy USA – Study shows IVF babies are at greater risk for cancer According to a study published in the journal JAMA Network Open this week, when compared to children conceived naturally, Children conceived with in vitro fertilization (IVF)  have a higher risk of developing cancer which authors of the study say is at a … Read more

LIFEalerts – Alternative Medicine

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Alternative Medicine South Africa – Warning Over Bogus Beauty Treatment Oxygen chamber therapy is a popular procedure in which users climb into an ozone pod with their head out of the top of the pod, while steam and oxygen mixture circulates inside the unit. It’s often punted as an anti-aging and detoxifying treatment. Typically, the … Read more

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Paedophilia USA – Pedophilia Is Overlooked in Popular Culture “Call Me By Your Name” is just one of the latest pieces of media to subtly justify its portrayal of pedophilia. One of the biggest consequences of pedophilia in popular culture on young children is that they begin to view themselves as sex objects, believing that … Read more

LIFEalerts – Substance Abuse

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Substance Abuse USA – Medical Reports contradicts popular view on safety of smoking marijuana Regular consumers of recreational marijuana or those about to become one, would be wise if they first considered medical evidence which contradicts the view that smoking marijuana is safe. Especially people with underlying cardiovascular conditions. Compared with tobacco, marijuana smoking causes … Read more

LIFEalerts – Sexual Exploitation

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Sexual Exploitation USA – Traumatic Brain Injury in prostituted women In a 2010 study by Menon et al, Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is defined as an “alteration in brain function, or other evidence of brain pathology, caused by an external force.” Violence is pervasive in prostitution and can cause TBI. The study showed that among … Read more

LIFEalerts – Pornography

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Pornography Thailand – Pornhub Has Been Blocked According to Thailand’s cybercrime laws, internet pornography is illegal, which is why the country recently blocked some 190 websites inside the nation’s borders, preventing citizens from gaining access to them. Thailand has specifically blocked one of the biggest sites called PornHub and other online porn sites.  In recent … Read more

LIFEalerts – Same Sex Attraction

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Same Sex Attraction South Africa – Transgender affirmation | what it means for the children of SA In a democratic process initiated by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED), stakeholders were invited to comment on the Draft Guidelines on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (Guidelines). The Guidelines take the affirming approach which means gender confused … Read more

LIFEalerts – Abortion

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Abortion South Africa – Marie Stopes offers DIY abortions Marie Stopes South Africa (MSSA) has been sending out emails offering to send abortion pills via Telemedicine. MSSA calls this practice safe and seems to be taking many precautions in the “check your eligibility” section of the email, but it is not enough to help women … Read more

LIFEalerts – Euthanasia

By Publisher | November 30, 2020

Euthanasia South Africa – Dignity SA lies to Minister of Health about Euthanasia DignitySA (DSA) is a group that advocates for physician assisted suicide on patients that seek to end their life. DSA makes their case about “intolerable suffering” which should be the reason for anyone to choose to die by euthanasia. In a petition … Read more


Doctors For Life to Assist Pro-Life Member Doctor in High Court Application

By Publisher | October 30, 2020

MEDIA RELEASE Embargo: Immediate release                                Enquiries:  Doctors For Life Int.Date:  30 October 2020                                          Telephone: 032 481 5550 After three years of … Read more