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Since its inception, DFL has recognized the need to use multimedia to inform, train and educate the public. Orison Pictures is an in-house film and media production company, producing DVD’s and promotional material. The DVD’s range from HIV/Aids, Home based Care, Abortion and informative material on our various programs. See our website for details and sales.


Doctors For Life Videos Production
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In Your Face (2004):
In this contemporary and no-holds-barred film, the brutal facts about HIV/AIDS and its associated lifestyle come through loud and clear. Cutting through the murky tide of ideas and conflicting messages, this film gives meaningful advice on the medical and moral dilemmas AIDS poses, while offering a powerful and practical solution. 30 minutes that exposes the truth… In your Face.
Running Time: approximately 30 min
SA: Languages: English & Zulu
Deutsch, French,Russian,Nederlands&Eng.
Nam: Languages: Ovambo,Herero & English
Target Age: 13-25 yrs
DVD - R150 (VAT incl. and excl. postage)


Ingcluaza Nomndeni (AIDS vs. the Family) (2006):
In the US and Europe, HIV/AIDS is a chronic disease. In Africa, it’s devastating. It is shaking the very foundation of society - the family. Those who suffer can least afford it – the poor and uneducated. In this sober and simple film featuring HIV-specialist Dr Koleka Mlisana, the disease is brought into context in easily  understood terms, covering everything you need to know about HIV/AIDS while promoting solid family values and a healthy lifestyle.
Running Time: approximately 48 min
Languages: Zulu (English subtitles)
Target Age: 25+ yrs

DVD - R150
(VAT incl. and excl. postage)


AIDS against the Family (2001)
AIDS is attacking the family. This video includes a message about abstinance before marriage and fidelity within marriage; it explains in clear terms the causes and consequences of careless lifestyles and encourages fathers to fulfill their God-ordained position in the family. It is suitable for all categories of industrial workers, students and adults.
Running Time: approximately 25 min
Languages: English,Zulu,Afrikaans,Sotho & Portuguese
Target Age: 25+ yrs
DVD - R120
(VAT incl. and excl. postage)


Home Based Care Techniques (2001):
Leave the comforts of South Africa’s well-developed cities, enter its rural villages and you are plunged into a poverty-stricken society weeping over its dying. The utter helplessness of an illiterate woman faced with caring for her terminal husband can hardly be expressed. DFL’s Home Based Care Program changes this hopeless situation into a time of reconciliation, love and closure, by creating a support-group and empowering people to care for those dying of AIDS. Using this simple, comprehensive and practical training program, Home Based Care has extended the lives of thousands.
Running Time: approximately 80 min
Languages: Zulu & English
Target Age: 25+ yrs
DVD - R150 (VAT incl. and excl. postage)


All about Abortion (2005)
Induced Abortion is the most common invasive procedure in medicine today. It is not a life-saving operation, but a way out of a social problem. While it may appear to be a quick solution, most women have no idea what they’re getting themselves into. The physical and psychological aftermath can be devastating. For anyone faced with the very real crisis of an unplanned pregnancy, it is vital to make an informed and moral decision. All about Abortion unveils the miracle of life, answers the central question of when life begins, and offers sensible, sound advice to this difficult and controversial dilemma.
Running Time: approximately 60 min
Languages: English
Target Age: 15+ yrs
DVD - R120 (VAT incl. and excl. postage)