South African March for Life

The National Alliance for Life (NAL) is an umbrella body composed of most pro-life groups, many churches and organizations.

The aim of the March for Life is to:

  1. Inform most Christians in South Africa when life begins and what abortion really is.
  2. Inspire millions of Christians to take a public stand against abortion.
  3. Encourage mothers in crisis pregnancies not to abort their babies.
  4. Persuade medical personnel in SA to exercise their united constitutional right of freedom of conscience.
  5. Educate the voting public to vote on moral issues but especially on the abortion issue, as well as to make political parties aware of the importance voters attach to the abortion issue.

Never before has there been such a great need for pro-lifers to stand together, regardless of their various affiliations. Since 1 February 1997 more than one million, two hundred thousand babies have been killed in South Africa – by abortion – legally.

Presently, approximately 80 000 legal abortions are performed annually. If the illegal abortions are added the statistics are overwhelming. In 2012 the Department of Health estimated that there were 6.3 times more illegal abortions than legal abortions. This means that 503 000 illegal abortions need to be added to the legal ones, which brings the annual abortions in South Africa to the devastating total of 583 000.

This situation cannot be allowed to continue. There is a desperate need for all South Africans to do something!

We have the March for Life where all pro-lifers unite and “stand up for those who can’t speak for themselves”. We would therefore like to call on all pro-lifers to stand together in this matter.

We gather on the first Sunday of October every year at Umhlanga.

Contact us: 032 481 5550 / 5807 or Pastor Aaron: 083 976 1847

Posters from this year’s March:

Download the poster! (Click to load larger version, then right click to save)
Download the poster! (Click to load larger version, then right click to save)