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Indonesia – Soap opera normalizing pedophilia

Indonesians are calling for severe sanctions on a TV network after it aired extremely disturbing content in a soap opera pertaining to the sexualisation of a child.  The show depicts a man in his late thirties using the powers of manipulation to marry a high school student as his third wife, who is portrayed by a 15-year-old actress. Government officials have said child marriage in Indonesia is at alarming levels in recent years, leading to President Joko Widodo raising the minimum age for marriage for women from 16 to 19. Yet child marriage continues to be practiced due to religious and/or cultural loopholes. More

Germany – Proposed treatment model for Pedophilia

Prevention Project Dunkelfeld was founded by a German sexologist, who and directs, Arguably the world’s most radical social experiment in treating pedophilia. The treatment proposes: not reporting those who have offended and promoting prevention, rather than punishment. The team encourages people who are sexually attracted to children and adolescents to come forward to receive therapy and medication instead of acting on their urges or going untreated by health professionals. Thousands have reached out for help. Unlike most countries, Germany’s law does not mandate professionals to report child abuse that has or might occur. Interest in the program’s model is growing worldwide. More

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


Ireland – School curriculum content contain images of paedophilia

A senior Fianna Fáil TD had questioned the suitability of some books and films on the curriculum for English in both Junior and Leaving Certificate exams, claiming they contain descriptions and images of paedophilia, bestiality and torture.  Former minister Willie O’Dea said the issue was a “cause of concern” which needed to be examined carefully.  He pointed out that several texts on the NCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) list had previously been banned from the curriculum in the UK and the United States. The Minister said, in the coming months, the list for both the Junior and Leaving Certificate curriculum would be reviewed. More

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


Arizona – Pedophile Red Flags to Look Out For

Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin outlines some common red flags to point out potential pedophiles. 1. Pedophile spends more time with children than adults. 2. Pedophile expresses interest in the same things your child likes. 3. Pedophile frequently offers to give your child a ride, to take your child shopping to “help you out,” and looks for any other way to be alone with your child.4. Pedophile is overly affectionate with children who are not his/her own. Be involved in your child’s life — typically molesters target children who do not get a lot of attention from parents.  Do not dismiss your child’s claims or observations about other people or things that happened to them. More

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


USA – Twitter sued for refusing to remove child porn images

Recently, Pornhub was dropped by major credit card companies, after a legal battle with numerous sex abuse survivors exposing the porn site for failing to remove the victims’ abuse videos. Now another child sex abuse victim is suing Twitter. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center (NCOSE), The Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm jointly filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter on behalf of a minor who was trafficked on the social media platform that boasts more than 330 million users. At age 16, Plaintiff John Doe was horrified to find out sexually graphic videos of himself — made at age 13 under duress by sex traffickers — had been posted to Twitter. Peter Gentala, from NCOSE said “Despite its public expressions to the contrary, Twitter is swarming with uploaded child pornography and Twitter management does little or nothing to prevent it.” “Twitter clearly needs to properly address the egregious issues of exploitation and abuse happening throughout its platform. We hope that John Doe receives some measure of justice and that this lawsuit will pave the way for other survivors to seek justice,” Gentala said. More

USA – California says that kids aged ten can consent to sex with adults

U.S. State California has said that kids aged ten can consensually have sex with adults and President Biden is in full support for of this. But science and basic biology and psychology disagree. Young children can’t understand sex or its role in relationships, and the images they see can leave a lasting impression. It’s a basic premise of marketing that what we watch, read and direct our attention toward influences our behaviour. And, as any marketer knows, sex sells. According to Melissa Henson, a program director for the Parents Television Council, Hollywood is ignoring the huge demographic of families because they simply aren’t interested in programming for families. Now we see parents and children watching hypersexualized entertainment together.

Research shows that children who are exposed to sexually explicit material and in other media tend to want to engage in these behaviours themselves. This does not translate to them being at all developmentally ready, nor are they emotionally, socially or intellectually ready for sex with peers or even more so with adults. Therefore, to support child-adult sex can amount only to support for child sexual abuse and for obvious reasons this is problematic and even criminal.

Article, Pandemic boredom: Many parents watch increasingly sexualized content with their kids, Overexposed and Under-Prepared: The Effects of Early Exposure to Sexual Content, Long-term consequences of early sexual initiation on young adult health: A causal inference approach.

LIFEalerts – Paedophilia


USA – New Legislation aims to ban sales & possession of sex dolls

A bill aiming to ban the sale and possession of sex dolls that look like children is before the U.S. House. This legislation is called the CREEPER Act 2.0. Patrick Trueman, the CEO and president of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation said “Recently, a mother discovered that an image of her 8-year-old daughter’s face was used on a sex doll being sold on the Internet.” The bill’s detractors say that sex dolls would be a form of harm reduction that meets the needs of individuals who would want to avoid harming real children, but no research exists to prove that this would prevent the actual abuse of children. Research does however exist that repeating this behaviour (especially sexual behaviour) actually has a normalising effect.

The Australian Institute of Chronology did a literature review on the research surrounding child sex dolls and found that it desensitizes the user from the harm that child sexual abuse causes because dolls don’t give any kind of emotional feedback that indicates pain and discomfort, maybe it even increases the risk of objectifying children and viewing them as sex commodities. Just like pornography which has been found to drive the demand for increased sexual exploitation. Some individuals start off watching normal soft porn but end up watching more extreme content to achieve the desired results. Extreme content includes violence against women, degrading of women, and an appetite for younger and younger ages. More

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USA – Pedophilia Is Overlooked in Popular Culture

“Call Me By Your Name” is just one of the latest pieces of media to subtly justify its portrayal of pedophilia. One of the biggest consequences of pedophilia in popular culture on young children is that they begin to view themselves as sex objects, believing that their self-worth is based on sex and attraction. Furthermore, it creates a distorted image of what love and relationships should look like because this viewpoint is based on women being controlled and dominated by men rather than being treated equally. Pedophilia needs to be resolutely and visually punished when presented in media. If it is not, this form of media needs to be boycotted and not treated as socially acceptable in any way. Read more

USA – Maxwell denies witnessing ‘inappropriate’ activities

Miss Maxwell had long fought to keep the testimony secret. She will go on trial in a criminal case next year and has pleaded not guilty.  She is accused of helping Epstein traffic and sexually abuse underage girls and of perjury for denying involvement in such a scheme when she gave her deposition under oath.  In the deposition, which spans more than 400 pages, she repeatedly denies and dismisses numerous allegations, and insists she never saw the financier have sex with anybody.  McCawley, a lawyer for Miss Giuffre, said the unsealing of the deposition was “a long time coming and a welcome step towards revealing the evidence of the scope and scale of the Epstein and Maxwell sex trafficking ring.” Read more

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Twitter Finally Bans ‘Promoting or Normalizing Sexual Attraction to Minors’

Twitter recently updated its policies on child sexual exploitation, quietly adding that it was no longer acceptable to “promote or normalize sexual attraction to minors.”  Now, Twitter’s child sexual exploitation policy page which outlines the company’s official policy, states that the normalization of attraction to minors is no longer permitted on the platform.  The policy states that the following is not permitted: visual depictions of a child engaging in sexually explicit or sexually suggestive acts; illustrated, computer-generated or other forms of realistic depictions of a human child in a sexually explicit context, or engaging in sexually explicit acts; sexualized commentaries about or directed at a known or unknown minor; and links to third-party sites that host child sexual exploitation material. Read more

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USA – The American College of Pediatricians comments on Netflix sexualizing young girls

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) condemned one of the most subscribed streaming platforms in the world, Netflix, for the release of a documentary called “Cuties”. The French film sexualizes a group of 11-year-old girls by showing how these girls dance to exploitative music with extremely sexualized ‘dance moves’ such as twerking and grinding. ACPeds, which includes experts in Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking, deems this film not only offensive but also dangerous. 

Dr. Joseph Zanga, ACPeds member and past President of two national pediatric organizations stated, “Fed by soft pornography media such as this, millions of the world’s children (at the age of the “stars” of this film) are groomed and then forced into sex slavery by porn addicts, many of whom will likely be this film’s most enthusiastic viewers. Child Sex Trafficking is a multibillion-dollar criminal industry, which Netflix will encourage by the debut of this film to a receptive, or soon to be receptive, audience.” 

Children today are hurting, and this film sets the stage to exploit and compound the adverse childhood experiences from which far too many youth already suffer. Therefore, Dr. Zanga added, “It is unethical, and perhaps even criminal, for Netflix to contribute to the societal dangers these children already face. Responsible and ethical adults understand that we have a duty to protect our nation’s children. For the sake of our children’s health and wellbeing, this frightening excuse for entertainment must be deleted from Netflix’s schedule as well as from its library.”

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) joins thousands of others in calling out Netflix for allowing such a film on their platform and demands its immediate removal. Read more

UK – Report: Paedophiles on Twitter and Instagram

A London-based group of over 100 parents have begun campaigning to have social media sites like Instagram and Twitter remove the accounts of paedophiles who are reportedly using cheese and pizza emojis as code to share images. The group warned that paedophiles are taking and sharing seemingly innocent pictures of children uploaded by parents in order to pass them around to predators on social media.  An online child protection expert and former member of the British Government’s Council for Internet Safety, John Carr OBE, said that the “horrifying” practise needs to be stamped out by tech companies.  A spokesman for Twitter added: “Twitter has a zero-tolerance policy for child sexual exploitation content. We aggressively fight online child sexual abuse and have heavily invested in technology and tools to enforce our policy. Read more

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South Africa – Paedophile threat escalates in SA

Pro-paedophilia propaganda has increased dramatically on the internet since the global lockdown took effect in March this year. Paedophiles are aggressively rebranding themselves as “Minor Attracted Persons” (MAP) in attempts to remove the negative social stigma associated with paedophilia.  The World Wide Web, children’s entertainment (like Disney animated movies and cartoons) and national educational systems have all become the primary environments for the targeting, isolation and sexual indoctrination and grooming of innocent children. Parents backed by the Church must aggressively lead the fightback against the sexualisation of children. Its starts with the rejection of CSE (Comprehensive Sex Education) and SOGI (Sexual Orientation & Gender identity) in public schools. Parents must take urgent steps to monitor their children’s online activity including installing software on all devices that protects against online pornography and sexual predator activity. Read more

Australia – New law a ‘major victory for paedophiles’

Tens of thousands of sexual assault survivors in Victoria have been stripped of their legal right to tell their stories using their real names. The changes to the Judicial Proceedings Reports Act – which were quietly introduced in February – silence all sexual assault victims whose offenders have been found guilty, by banning them from ever speaking out under their real identities. The new ‘gag laws’ have been described as a “major victory” for convicted paedophiles and rapists, as their victims are now “muzzled” and prohibited from self-identifying in publications – including media and autobiographies – regardless of their consent. Victorian Attorney-General, Jill Hennessy says that she has asked the Department of Justice and Community Safety to urgently look into these cases and consider how future reform could remedy any unintended barriers (to speaking out). Read more

UK – Catching Paedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands

Professor Sue Black is a forensic anthropologist and human anatomist in the UK and proposes a new way for identifying paedophiles. When the pedophile films his crime, he can be tracked using nothing more than his veins, scars, and other markings on their hands. Each person has their own unique vein pattern that matches no one else’s.

A case in 2006 of a teenage girl being interfered with at night by her father began this process for Sue. The girl’s mother did not believe her so she turned on her Skype camera and left it running all night, the camera went into near-infrared mode – when you look at the human body through near-infrared the veins stand up like black trams lines – which enabled Sue to trace the vein pattern associated with her father and they matched.

This was the first time evidence was presented in this format in court and because they were anatomists the court accepted the scientific evidence. The devastating decision of the court to dismiss the case was because the girl, according to the jury, did not cry enough for her to be believed. Since then Sue has had the research academically researched and validated. Watch video presentation here

South Africa – Pedophilia/Psychology today in SA

Pedophilia is an ongoing sexual attraction to pre-pubertal children. It is considered a paraphilia, a condition in which a person’s sexual arousal and gratification depend on fantasizing about and engaging in sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. For people with pedophilic disorder who do seek help, research suggests that cognitive-behavioral treatment models may be effective. Such models may include aversive conditioning, confrontation of cognitive distortions, building victim empathy (such as by showing videos of consequences to victims), assertiveness training (social skills training, time management, structure), relapse prevention (identifying antecedents to the behavior [high-risk situations] and how to disrupt antecedents), surveillance systems (family associates who help monitor patient behavior), and lifelong maintenance. Read more

New York – The Emerging Psychology of Pedophiles

Images of child sex abuse have reached a crisis point on the internet, spreading at unprecedented rates in part because tech platforms and law enforcement agencies have failed to keep pace with the problem. What drives people to sexually abuse children?  Science in recent years has begun to provide some answers. One thing most pedophiles have in common: They discover that their sexual preferences have not matured like everyone else’s. Studies suggest that at least 40 percent of sex offenders were using drugs or alcohol when they committed their crimes. “The important thing, is that people know that treatment is possible, there’s a subgroup out there, they refer themselves here, and they are quite convinced that they do not want real-life sex with children.” [Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the Johns Hopkins Sex and Gender Clinic.] Read more

USA – Doctor claims pedophiles are born that way

According to a study by Dr. James Cantor, a neuroscientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, based on MRI brain scans of convicted child molesters, that “pedophilia begins in the womb.” Strangely, however, no brains of infants or children were examined in the study. There has been an active campaign going on for years to categorize pedophilia not as some kind of sexual deviancy worthy of society’s harshest condemnation, but rather a ‘sexual orientation.’ In other words, in the very same ballpark as the LGBT crowd. Will this research serve to give child sex predators more rights than their victims? Will society fall for this attempt to make predators look like “victims of nature”? Read more

USA – Amazon promotes pedophilia

Amazon has come under fire for selling a children’s T-shirt with ‘Daddy’s Little Sl*t’ printed on the front, and while the controversial top has since been removed, the site is still offering other clothing items for babies and toddlers featuring the disturbing phrase. Journalist Yashar Ali drew attention to the horrific clothing item by sharing a screenshot of the children’s shirt on Twitter. People were outraged and quick to share their disgust with Amazon. Read more at daily mail, Independent

USA – Man claims to be 8-year-old child in porn defense

A 45-year-old man from Michigan is facing charges for possessing child pornography. He defended himself by claiming he identifies as an eight-year-old girl and therefore should have his rights protected under the First Amendment. His collection reportedly contained over 50 pornographic images of everything from infants to 5-year-olds, and police were able to identify at least eight victims who were sexually assaulted. Prosecutor Daniel Helmer said he was a danger to the public “Even during the trial, the defendant continued to draw, talking about raping babies in Jail.” We are seeing pedophiles trying to climb aboard the LGBT “sexual orientation” train in an attempt to normalise raping children. Read more

USA – Professor backs sex with children!

Thomas Hubbard a professor at the University of Texas has written that it should not be illegal for people to have sexual relationships with children. He also says age-of-consent laws prohibit the liberated sexuality of adolescents. This is so twisted; Laws are written to protect children from criminal sexual deviants who want to force sexual acts on the immature and underdeveloped bodies of children. The American Psychiatric Association tries to put some instances of pedophilia in the category of “sexual orientation.” Just like the homosexual groups, Pedophilia is pushing to be another group that should not be discriminated against regardless of the child’s protection rights.

As a result, everyone else’s freedom gets trampled on for example, we now find men allowed in women’s locker rooms if they say they “identify” as a female. We have men who “identify” as females entering high school athletic competitions and demolishing their competition. Businesses are being doxed if they don’t bake a wedding cake in opposition to their religious beliefs. We are also told that there are 60 something genders that have never before existed in human history. Read more

USA – Social media contributing to normalization of pedophilia

Screenshots captured by Big League Politics’ Shane Trejo show several Twitter users who identify as MAPs (Minor Attracted Persons) openly engaging in conversation about sexual contact with children. Twitter policy now explicitly allows discussions surrounding “child sexual exploitation,” so long as posts don’t promote or glorify it. The policy has led to MAPs and pedophile enablers having a platform to discuss sexual contact with children. Shane traces the policy back to Dr James Cantor, who petitioned Twitter back in January 2018 to allow “non-offending pedophiles,” arguing that not doing so could cause them to act out in the real world. Twitter’s refusal to ban pedophiles suggests the company is on-board with the new movement attempting to normalize pedophilia. Read more

USA – Another pedophile calls to legalise child sex abuse

Gary Wolchesky, 31, admitted he induced under aged boys to send him sexually explicit videos but insisted at his 2016 trial that pedophilia should be legal. Fortunately, he lost that argument and was convicted of 21 crimes for which he is serving a 46-year prison term. But now, his criminal conviction could be in jeopardy, if a judge rules he was denied a speedy trial because of a seven-year wait from his 2009 arrest to go to trial. The appellate judges, in their ruling, said a number of circumstances led to the trial delay, including a “high volume of defense motions.” The jury found Wolchesky guilty of aggravated sexual assault and related child-pornography charges. Read more

7 Tactics a Child Predator Uses to Lure Kids: Red Flag Phrases Every Parent Needs to Know

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on Protect Young Minds .

by Kimberly King Apr 14, 2020

This is written by Kimberly King, an award-winning author, teacher, and authority on the subject of sexual abuse prevention.

As parents, we all want to keep our kids safe from harm. We teach our kids to wash their hands, cover their mouths, buckle up the seat belts, and always wear a helmet when riding a bike. 

Sexual abuse prevention is a bit more complicated than that. 

The good news is that with investing a minimal amount of time in sexual abuse prevention education, parents and kids can be empowered. Learning about sexual abuse prevention can help parents protect their kids immediately. 

Abusers have specialized methods to choose and manipulate victims through a variety of techniques and tricks. They try to gain the trust of the child and family first and eventually move toward “grooming.” 

Learning about the tactics and tricks child predators use will help parents be more aware. Here are some red flag phrases and tactics abusers may use.

1. “Can you keep a secret?”


Sexual abuse thrives under layers of secrets. If your child hears this phrase from an adult, it is a HUGE red flag. 

A skilled abuser may first ask a child to keep a secret that seems innocent, saying things like

  • “Let’s keep this treat our little secret.”
  • “Don’t tell your mom we got ice cream before dinner.” 

These are small, benign secrets that seem harmless.

When confident the child has kept those types of secrets the abuser will move on to acts of sexual abuse, demanding secrecy about that behavior as well. At that point, the child may feel so guilty and ashamed that he or she feels they cannot tell. 

What you can do:

Tell young children that they must never keep secrets from their parents. 

2. “You’re my special friend.”


Abusers try to build up relationships with kids by promoting common interests. They also try to establish trust with kids by attempting to make children feel special or unique. An abuser will try to gain the affection of his or her intended victim by sharing these likes and things they have in common.

What you can do:

 A good rule of thumb to remember is that kids need age-appropriate friends, and adults need adult friends.

3. “Let’s spend some quality alone time together.”


A big red flag! Adults have adult friends, not “special” kid friends. Any activity that requires an adult to be alone with a child is not safe, especially overnights. Abusers try to normalize certain behaviors and lower inhibitions. So, a situation where a child must change clothing or do a sleepover is inherently risky. 

What you can do:

Implement the rule of three. This rule requires that there should always be at least three people present – one adult and two or more children, or two adults and one child.

4. “Does Somebody need a hug?”


Pats on the back, a hug to say goodbye– may be completely acceptable in many circumstances. Because of this, many predators seek careers where they have easy access to children. Be aware of your child’s reactions to other adults and comfort levels regarding physical affection.

What you can do:

Teach your children that if they ever feel uncomfortable about any physical contact, they need to tell you. Learn about consent and teach body autonomy to your little ones from an early age.

5. “Want to hear a dirty joke?”


An abuser can lure a child closer by using jokes and games. These may start “G” rated. But, soon lead to “dirty” jokes, showing children online pornography, or by introducing sexual games. 

What you can do:

If your child is old enough to have internet access, make sure you are monitoring email and social network messages. A predator may send explicit materials through social media apps. And may ask or demand inappropriate photos from your child. Kids can get easily trapped and scared in this predicament. 

Consider installing Apps like BARK to protect and monitor your child.

6. “Your parents don’t understand you. I know how you feel.”


Sometimes, kids can feel isolated or alone, especially during family duress. Separations, divorce, or other changes in family structure or location can make kids more vulnerable. 

Predators often target kids who feel isolated from their peers by using empathy. 

What you can do:

If your family does go through a stressful period, pay attention. A great family counselor can help get ahead of some of these issues.

7. “Your parents will never forgive you if they find out what we did, you didn’t say No!


A child is not able to give consent in a sexual relationship. The blame/ shame, control game is hard to handle. The predator will use a child’s confusion and fear as they attempt to maintain control over the victim.

What you can do:

Kids need to know that no matter how long any inappropriate contact or abuse has gone on, it is NEVER their fault, and you will always help, protect, and love them. 

A prepared child is less of a target. 

Parents have the immense responsibility of trying to protect their families from sexual abuse. The best way to add a layer of protection is to educate yourself and your kids about sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse can be prevented when parents learn the facts about sexual abuse and minimize the risks for the family. 

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